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  • How to fix USB drive and recover files from USB drive?

    Summary: In this article, I am going to tell you about various methods which will help you to fix USB drive . In the end, with Bitwar Data Recovery software, you can recover files from USB drive if necessary. A USB flash drive or pen driv

  • Why “USB Drive Not Showing Full Size” and How to Restore It?

    This article you can find methods to restore “USB drive not showing full size”, so that you can make use of lost or unallocated disk space of USB drives.

  • 7 Solutions to Fix SD Card Not Recognized Error

    Have you ever had such situation that you were trying to insert the SD card into USB card reader and then connect with the computer but found SD card not recognized error? It won’t be a data disaster if you follow below 7 solutions to fix.

  • How to recover data from formatted USB drive

    Summary: If your USB drive is formatted and there is no backup in advance, what should you do? How to recover USB drive data after it formatted?To know information about formatted USB data recovery , this post is worth reading. Nowadays, US

  • What is a pen drive and how to recover lost data from pen drive?

    Summary: What is a pen drive ? What do you do when you lose data from a pen drive? How to recover lost data from pendrive ? What is a pen drive? A pen drive, also variously known as a USB flash drive.

  • U disk data mistakenly deleted how to recover

    U disk data mistakenly deleted how to recover? U disk is a portable device where users can quickly read, write, transmit, and save data anywhere. However, because most people are anxious to store important data in them, and may have incorrec

  • How to Unformat A USB on Mac with Bitwar Data Recovery

    USB flash drives are widely used devices that are smaller, faster, more durable and reliable, but larger in capacity. However, if you accidentally formatted it and you own a Mac, how to unformat a usb on Mac?

  • The things in the flash drive are erased, but how to recover

    Daily work, you will use the U disk, used to copy data, or meetings, travel, etc. are very convenient to use. But careless operation will cause the things in the flash drive to delete, in the Recycle Bin can not find the deleted thin

  • Data recovery after U disk format

    How do you do data recovery after the U disk format? Have you ever come across a "please format" prompt when you use a U disk? Then choose "No" is not able to run, select "Yes" will format the U disk. What should I do? Even if the fo

  • How to Recover Deleted Files From Flash Drive

    Flash drives are great backup tool used to store and transfer their data. But sometimes unexpected data loss disaster caused by certain reasons can make you lose all your crucial data just in seconds. How to Recover Deleted Files From Flash

  • How to recover data with USB data recovery software for window 7

    We use USB Flash Drive on various operating systems, including windowsXP/Vista/7/8/10, etc. When data in the USB Flash Drive is lost, we also want to use these operating systems to recover lost datain usb to recover data from USBfl

  • Can you recover formatted files from USB flash drive & Pen drive?

    USB Flash drive is a digital medias storage that can be used to transfer media files from one computer to another.Although USB flash drives are smaller, faster, more capacity, and more durable and reliable. But because of some people carry f

  • Free download USB flash drive data recovery software for windows 7

    I accidentally lost important files from a USB flash drive. Its very important to me, how can I restore it? USB flash drives are portable and small in size and can be carried around with Plug and play. However, due to physical damage and imp

  • How to recover formatted files from a formatted USB drive

    A USB flash drive, also variously known as a thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive, key drive, flash-drive, memory stick or USB memory, is a small and portable flash memory card that is used to store photos, videos, music and documents. It is c

  • Best USB data recovery software to restore deleted files from USB flash drive

    USB flash drive is a common storage device to store pictures, documents, messages etc. because they are small size, durable and easy to use. However, due to accidentally deletion or formation, system failure and corruption, virus attacks or