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Data recovery after U disk format


How do you do data recovery after the U disk format? Have you ever come across a "please format" prompt when you use a U disk? Then choose "No" is not able to run, select "Yes" will format the U disk. What should I do? Even if the format, as long as the data is not damaged, u disk data can be restored. To save formatted data from a U disk, you need the help of professional data recovery software. Here we recommend Bitwar Data Recovery, a simple and reliable U disk data recovery software. Bitwar Data Recovery can recover lost pictures, documents, videos and other files from the U disk.

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Whether you accidentally delete a file on your disk or format your disk, you can use this software to recover important data. 

1. Download ( install Bitwar Data Recovery software.
You can download the version you need to your computer based on your computer's operating system.

Figure 1: Downloading software

2. After the installation of the software, the main interface to select "External Devices Recovery" function, in addition to this function, the software also supports the deletion of hard disk files, mistakenly formatted the disk, mistakenly empty the Recycle Bin files, and hard disk partition after the disappearance of the hard disk files.

In addition, there is a deep recovery.

Data recovery after U disk format

3. Select the disk, because we want to do is the U disk format after the data recovery, so select the U disk, and then click Next.

Data recovery after U disk format

4. Select the file type of the data you want to recover, and if you want to restore a picture, check the picture, and if you want to restore other types of files in your storage card, select all types of files, and then click Next to scan the files. Wait patiently for the file scan to end.

In the process of data recovery, do not operate on U disk.

Figure 4: Choosing a data type

5. The recovery file recommends narrowing the lookup range by file name, type, path, and so on.

Find the file to recover, preview first, then click on the lower right corner of the "Restore" button can!

Figure 5: Previewing the file


In fact, the answer to the U disk format after the best way to recover data is to backup, the daily form of backup habits, so that even if it is wet and other reasons cause serious system failure, you can easily recover data. The data backups of the small series are usually stored in two locations, and are regularly backed up manually.

If the unavoidable data loss situation occurs, try Bitwar Data Recovery.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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