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Can you recover formatted files from USB flash drive & Pen drive?

USB Flash drive is a digital medias storage that can be used to transfer media files from one computer to another. Although USB flash drives are smaller, faster, more capacity, and more durable and reliable. But because of some people carry flash drives in their pockets, incorrect hot-swappable flash Drives, Unsafe removal of USB drive, Virus attack, Improper formatting and partitioning, it also often loses files. So this article reminds you to always be careful on how to handle your  USB flash drive & Pen drive,because it contains your valuable information. If you want to restore its file but it's accidentally formatted, We can recover formatted files from USB flash drive & Pen drive use Bitwar Data recovery Software.
Bitwar Data Recovery is a fast, reliable and free trial data recovery software with powerful functions. It allows you recover files such as videos, audio files, photos, and images from your flash drive, computers, and even memory cards. It supports nearly any data loss situation that you may have misplaced your files such as deletion, formatting and others. This software has great interface that is easy to use and save. It also has a preview feature that allows you to check your files.

How to recover formatted files from USB flash drive & Pen drive?

Step1: download and install Bitwar Data recovery Software on Bitwar official website: Follow the next simple steps to perform formatted USB flash drive recovery.
Tips:Remember not to save other files or install program to your formatted USB flash drive & Pen drive.
download Bitwar Data Recovery software
Step2:Launch Bitwar data recovery program and select ”Formatted Hard Drive Recovery”when you want to recover formatted files from USB flash drive.
 how to recover data from formatted USB drive

Make sure your USB flash drive & Pen drive have connect to your computer, select the target USB flash drive and click ”next”.
how to recover lost files after format

Select Select file types and click "Next". If you want to recover all types, you can select “Select All Types” and click “Next” to start scanning. 
 can i recover data after quick format

Step 3: During the scan, the eligible files will be listed. If there is too much scanned data, you can filter by the file type,path, time in the left tree list.You can also preview the thumbnail of the files by clicking can preview what has been recovered.
recover hard drive data after format

Then you just need to select the files you want and click "Recover" to restore data from USB flash drive & Pen drive . You will be required to select a destination to keep the data. Please select a folder on your computer or a new storage device to save them.
 windows recover data from hdd after format

it is important to protect your file from getting corrupt. Here are some basic tips:

1. Avoid exposing your flash drive to heat, cold or water.
2. Always ensure that your flash drive is closed well and prevent it from any physical damage.
3. Always eject your flash derive safely when you mount it on your computer.
4. Do not use one flash drive continuously over a long period. Try and use different ones.
5. Install an antivirus program on your device.

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