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The things in the flash drive are erased, but how to recover

        Daily work, you will use the U disk, used to copy data, or meetings, travel, etc. are very convenient to use. But careless operation will cause the things in the flash drive to delete, in the Recycle Bin can not find the deleted things, USB disk Delete restore How to do? You can use USB flash data recovery software. Then how to delete the things in the flash drive to recover?
Take a look at the specific procedure.
        1.Click the download Bitwar Data Recovery software, choose the installation location to install the software on the computer.

Figure 1: Installation Interface
Figure 1: Installation Interface

        2.The USB disk will be inserted into the computer, waiting for the computer to identify the device, running Bitwar Data Recovery software, access to the main interface of the software, we are because of the contents of the USB flash drive deleted, so choose the "U Disk/Memory card" function.

Figure 2: Select U disk/memory card function
Figure 2: Select U disk/memory card function

        3.Select the USB drive to be restored, then click "Next" to enter the file scan status, please be patient and wait for file scan to finish.

Figure 3: Select the USB drive to restore
Figure 3: Select the USB drive to restore

        4.After the software scan is complete, in the scan results interface in the left menu list to select the format to restore, and then you can see the Format folder on the right side of the contents of the file, find the USB Flash file you want to restore, you can first double-click the preview, and then in the box before the file check, then click "Restore."

Figure 4: Checked File Recovery
Figure 4: Checked File Recovery
       5.Select the location to save the file, restore success!

Figure 5: Successful File recovery
Figure 5: Successful File recovery

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