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U disk data mistakenly deleted how to recover

U disk data mistakenly deleted how to recover? U disk is a portable device where users can quickly read, write, transmit, and save data anywhere. However, because most people are anxious to store important data in them, and may have incorrect operations such as accidental deletion, formatting, hot-swappable devices, static electricity, virus attacks, and so on.

However, do not worry, you can use the professional Bitwar Data Recovery from the mistakenly deleted data from the USB disk to restore them. As we all know, Bitwar Data Recovery is a powerful, concise interface, simple operation of data recovery tools. In addition to the hard disk can be deleted from the various types of data, but also from U disk, SD card, CF card, camera, memory stick and other media to recover the loss of various types of file data.

So I'm going to take a look at how she did it. U disk mistakenly deleted data recovered.
Step one, download the installation software

First, download and install Bitwar Data Recovery on the official homepage, and install it on your computer.
Be careful not to save the Bitwar Data Recovery or other software and files to the U disk to restore the data, lest it be overwritten, causing the embarrassing situation that the data will be overwritten.

Figure 1: Download Bitwar Data Recovery on official web
Step two, run the software Run Bitwar Data Recovery software, in standard mode can see Bitwar Data Recovery support recovery mistakenly delete hard disk files, incorrectly formatted disk, mistakenly delete u disk/memory card data, mistakenly empty the Recycle Bin files, and hard disk partition after the disappearance of hard disk files and deep recovery.

We are because the U disk data was mistakenly deleted to restore the operation, so here to find a click "U Disk/Memory card", after the selection, the page will jump directly to the next page.

Figure 2: Choose U disk/Memory card
Step three, select the conditions required for recovery Make sure your USB drive is connected to your computer and recognized by your computer as the correct letter, select it, and select the file type to be recovered on the next page, and then click Next to go to the file scan status and patiently wait for the file scan to finish.
Here it is important to emphasize that the data recovery process, no longer to the U disk for other operations until the end of the recovery process.

Figure 3: Selecting the file type to recover
Step four, recover files
During the scan, you can pause or stop scanning for scanned file previews and restores, or you can click "Save scan Record" at the bottom of the page to save the scanned data for use on the next restore. After the scan is complete, you can narrow the search by file name, type, path, time, and so on.
Find the scan to recover the file preview it, and then click on the lower right corner of the "restore" button can be restored to the computer you choose the path can be!

Figure 4: Previewing the files that are about to be recovered
The above is U disk data mistakenly deleted how to recover, you have learned? Although professional data recovery personnel need a lot of time, manpower to do data recovery, but for us Bitwar Data Recovery, restore such a u disk mistakenly delete data only need a few steps oh. Although it handles a lot of operation in the background, but for us, not a bit of trouble, even if the computer can not use the elderly and children will be able to read this tutorial to complete the correct recovery? So easy to use the software how to let go, quickly install a bar.

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