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How to Recover U Disk Data Loss?


Are you trying to save your missing photos, documents, or important files? U disk used for a long time after a certain number of write and erase cycle, may be damaged, resulting in inaccessible or lost valuable data, so once found that the situation appears, must seek professional help. The ease of use and portability of the U disk often leads to improper operation, which is the most common cause of failure.

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This article is going to show you how to use professional data recovery software to solve the problem of U disk file loss. To solve the U disk data loss How to recover, we must rely on the professional data recovery software-Bitwar Data Recovery.

This software is a U disk recovery tool in the first choice, the response rate of high support equipment and data types are many of his advantages. 

1. Download Bitwar Data Recovery software (

Figure 1 Downloading software

2. Open the software, connect the need to restore the file U disk. Select "U disk/Storage card". Select our u disk name in the partition and device.

How to Recover U Disk Data Loss?

3. the software can recover the data type has the photograph, the video, the call record and so on more than 10 kinds.

Because the length of the scan is determined by the content, so we only check the file types that need to be recovered to avoid waiting for the scan to be too long.

Figure 4 Choosing a data type

4. After the scan is complete, you can preview the files that were mistakenly deleted, where you can select the files you want to recover. Then click "Restore".

The save path should choose to save to another hard disk to avoid overwriting the data.

Figure 5 Previewing the file


In some cases, the loss of data is not a sudden start, it is a harbinger. If you notice unusual noises, this is a bad sign. In this case, back up all the data as early as possible so that you can avoid complex data recovery in an emergency. U disk data loss How to recover it is here, sudden situation to find Bitwar Data Recovery! He can help you recover your data.

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