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How to Recover Data from Pen Drive?


Pen drive is widely used in our daily life. Do you want to know more details about the pen drive and how to recover lost data on it? Please follow this article.

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What is a pen drive?

A pen drive, also variously known as a USB flash drive. It is a portable device which can be easily transferred from one location to another. And due to its pen-shape outlook, it is named as a pen drive.
The pen drives are widely used around the world. They can be used without any additional power supply and can receive the power directly from the USB port itself. So it plays a dominant role in the PC World.
Technically, the flash drive is a portable storage device that is composed of flash memory. It is easy to use and compatible with all operating systems market, including Windows, Mac and Linux and so on. Thus it has become the most popular data-storage device among consumers. Today, we can find pen drives in the market with a capacity of up to 1 TB in minimum space and 2TB of storage capacity, which is a true evolution in data storage technology.

What is a pen drive used for?

The most common way people use pen drives is to carry different information from one computer device to another. You can store images, music, videos, documents, etc. If you want to listen to some music, all you need to do is to upload the music on your pen drive and plug it into the car's port.
However, just as most of the storage devices, pen drive also has the risk of data losing. For instance, deleting data accidentally and incorrectly formatting are the most common causes for data loss on the pen drive. 

Why is data recovery possible?

Yes! You can recover data from pen drive easily. As a matter of fact, lost files are still somewhere on your pen drive but inaccessible. Therefore, if you haven't written new data to it, you are able to recover the lost files.

How to recover lost data from pen drive?

Fortunately, with Third-party data recovery software, you can easily recover lost data. Bitwar Data Recovery can do a good job. It is a fast, reliable and powerful data recovery software which can restore lost or deleted files from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and pen drives. And it only takes 3 steps.
Download and install Bitwar Data Recovery software on your computer, launch it and follow the steps to retrieve your lost data.
Step 1 Launch the program and select the Standard Mode, choose "External Devices Recovery." Then plug your pen drive into the computer and click "Next". Check the screenshots as below:

How to recover lost data from pen drive?

Step 2 You can recover all types of data in Bitwar data recovery. Select the types of files you want to restore, such as "Document" and "photos". If you want to recover all data from pen drive, you should choose "select all types" and then click "Next", then the scan process starts right away.

what is a pen drive

Step 3 After several minutes (It depends on the size volume of your pen drive), Bitwar Data Recovery software will show you the scan results. You can preview them, then select what you need and click "Recover" to save the data back.


Please do not keep the data on the pen drive where you lost it. Otherwise, the data will be overwritten, then you will lose the data forever.

Keep in mind the habit of making backups. And before deleting files, make sure that the file you are ready to delete is really not useful.

If data loss happens to you, unfortunately, you can rely on Bitwar Data Recovery.

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