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How to recover formatted files from a formatted USB drive

A USB flash drive, also variously known as a thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive,  key drive, flash-drive, memory stick or USB memory, is a small and portable flash memory card that is used to store photos, videos, music and documents. It is convenient to carry that users can exchange information with customers anytime and anywhere. As the USB flash drives are being widely used nowadays, there are more chances they got corruption and damage. it may force you to format it before you access the files.You have no other choice but to format it.You may also mistakenly format it when using USB flash drive.After formatting, all data on your USB drive will be lost. But don’t worry, there are still chances to recover data unless the data area is overwritten by new data. Therefore, you still have the possibility to recover formatted files from a formatted USB drive.
Once formatting hard drive, you should stop writing new data to it. Otherwise, the original data will be overwritten and the data can't be recovered by any data recovery solutions. then you can recover lost data with Bitwar Data Recovery (for Windows 8/7/XP) or Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac.
Bitwar Data Recovery allows you to restore all lost data due to deletion, formatting or even system crash or virus attack with all storage devices, including computer, external hard drive, usb flash drive, memory card, pen drive, etc. You just need to perform some simple clicks to retrieve your formatted photos, videos, audios, documents and more. Now, in today's post, I am going to show you How to recover formatted files from a formatted USB drive with ease.
Step1: Get Bitwar Data recovery Software now on Bitwar official website: Please download and install the right version for your computer.
Tips:Remember not to save other files or install Bitwar Data recovery to your formatted USB drive.
 download Bitwar Data recovery
 download Bitwar Data Recovery software
Step2: After it has finished installing, Launch Bitwar data recovery program and select ”Formatted Hard Drive Recovery”when you want to recover the formatted data.
 how to recover data from formatted USB drive
how to recover data from formatted USB drive
Here the program prompts you to connect a portable storage device. Please connect your  formatted USB drive on your computer and select it.
how to recover lost files after format
how to recover lost files after format
Select a file type and click "Next". If you want to recover all types, you should select “Select All Types” and click “Next” to start the scan. 
 can i recover data after quick format
can i recover data after quick format
Step 3: During the scan, the eligible files will be listed. If there is too much scanned data, you can filter by the file type,path, time in the left tree list.You can also preview the thumbnail of the files by clicking them.
Note: in this window, we can export all scanning results to a specified place after scanning, which makes it possible to load previous results without rescanning. BUT, please do not export results to the location where data loss appears, because it may overwrite lost data.
 recover hard drive data after format
recover hard drive data after format
You just need to choose these files you are going to restore and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.
Warning:Don't directly store needed data in the original partition (USB drive) where data loss emerges, or the deleted data will be overwritten, causing permanently data damage or data loss.
windows recover data from hdd after format
windows recover data from hdd after format
After these steps, recover formatted files has been done. In addition to recovering formatted files, Bitwar Data Recovery has other excellent features which can help you to rescue your files lost in many other complicated data loss situations such as software crash, virus attack, accidental deletion, RAW issue, etc.

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