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What's the best data recovery software for Samsung Android Phone?

Samsung smartphones are one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. However, data loss always happen to every smartphone. So does samsung smartphones. What's the best data recovery software for Samsung Android Phone?

Losing data on your Samsung device is common. Nobody wants to encounter data loss, especially lost data always mean a lot to you, like some memorable photos, meaningful messages, interesting videos, as well as more personal info or other valuable content.
Actually, the lost files didn’t really get deleted. They are just marked for deletion in storage space and invisible to us. To find those invisible files, you have to take advantage of Android Data Recovery software to complete the job.

What's the best data recovery software

    1. Security - The first criterion you should take into consideration is whether the software is virus-free and safe to use. Otherwise, the files on your Samsung device may be damaged, or even raise privacy concerns.
    2. Supported File Types - Also, a good Android data recovery should be qualified for retrieving as many file types as possible, like photos, messages, contacts, videos, movies, call logs, notes, calendar, WhatsApp messages, Line chat history, etc.
    3. Recover quickly - a good Android data recovery software requires the ability to quickly scan to lost data and complete recovery.
    4. Support Preview - supports previews before recovery to preview the file quality and allow the user to selectively recover the desired files.
    5. Constantly updated - software should be constantly updated to adapt to more extreme environments and more recovery content.
    6. Recovery Compatibility - As Samsung has many modes of smartphones and tablets, so the compatibility of a Samsung data recovery tool is also important. Actually, we can also call Samsung data recovery as Android data recovery because most of them support Samsung phone and tablets, as well as other Android phones & tablets.
Bitwar Android Data Recovery support all features in the above list and ranks top. It is not only the best for recovering lost data but also is easy to use with a top-notch user interface and support for previewing data to be scanned. It is not just used as a Samsung data recovery app, it also has quite a number of other amazing features. It can recover the lost data of Android device, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos,and voice, etc. It supports almost all Android devices. Thus you can say it is a 100% secure way to get back lost data.
To restore your Samsung Android Phone, stop using it first,and use Bitwar Android Data recovery to recover data as soon as possible.

Prepare to restore the environment

1.Root your Samsung device 

Root means get the highest privileges on your Android device. Every brand of Android data recovery software requires root your android phone before the recover. and so does Bitwar Android Data Recovery. Without root access, the program can't fully scan all the files on the phone, which causes the recovery process incompleted. There are two ways to root Android devices--Root on the computer or install APK Root on your Android device. We recommend that you root your Android phone on the computer. For information on how to root, refer to How to Root Your phone.
 Root your Samsung device

2. Install Bitwar Android Data Recovery

Bitwar Android Data Recovery software supports two ways to recover lost data - Recovery on windows or Recovery on Android phone APP. We strongly recommend recover lost data from Android device by Recovery on windows. The advantage of recovery on windows is that you can save the recovered data on your computer, and It also reduces the possibility of data being overwritten.
Download Bitwar Android Data Recovery on your windows and install it:
 Install Bitwar Android Data Recovery

Steps to recover lost data in Samsung Android Phone:

Step 1: Connect the phone to the computer

When the Bitwar Android data recovery software is installed.Launch it and connect your Samsung Android device to the computer via USB cable. Then wait for the program to identify your device(You should Enable USB debugging on your phone and root the Samsung Android device first).
 Connect the phone to the computer

Step2: Select the types of files

After the program has identified your device Completely,It will ask you to choose the file types. Select the types you want to recover and click Next to start scanning. The whole scanning process will take a few seconds, please keep the connection between the phone and the computer during the recover process.
Select the types of files

Step 3: Preview and recover lost data

Once the scanning process has finished, you will see the file categories and the number of files found per category on the left menu. Click on one category at a time. You will see a preview of the data in the middle area. Find the data from the preview and category.After determining, select them and click the Recover button to save files to the computer.
Preview and recover lost data 
Well, it's only 3 simple steps to Undeleted photos, videos, contacts , call logs, messages,voices back to your Samsung Android Phone with Bitwar Android Data recovery. Have peace of mind by using the best Samsung/Android data recovery software. So, if security, easiness, and perfection is your priority then choose Bitwar Android Data recovery.

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