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7 Methods to Fix “SD Card Doesn't Show Up” Error

SD card doesn't show up? Never mind, just follow solutions here to fix the issue without losing data. Free download Bitwar data recovery software to restore lost data from SD card with simple clicks and follow solutions to repair corrupted/failed SD card.
You must have experienced similar situation. After days of using your SD card to store pictures, files and videos, you try to transfer everything from it to computer in order to backup or further editing. However, the SD card doesn't show up in Windows. Thus you try again, and end up with same result. You doubt the SD card might be damaged. However, you shouldn't blame the quality of the SD card or even try to format it, formatting is always a fastest way to erase all of the data on the SD card, obviously, we cannot lose the data we have.
Therefore, the first thing you should do is check if there is a backup. If not, you need to restore the data on your SD card.

How to restore data from SD card

If the file system of SD card is FAT_RAW, NTFS_RAW, RAW. You can retrieve the data back with Bitwar Data Recovery software. Download and install Bitwar data recovery on your windows, then follow the guides to recover data from the raw partition.

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 1. Select the raw partition or device

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery software on your windows. Select the raw SD card and click "Next".
sd card doesn't show up 1

Step 2: Select the Scan Mode

There are two mode to scan your data out, You can choose “Quick Scan” mode to recover lost files first, If you cannot find files after Quick Scan, try Deep Scan again. The deep scan will search every sector of hard drive to find all existing files.
sd card doesn't show up 2

Step 3: Select the file types

Select the file types you want to retrieve on this page, you can also choose “Select All Types” to scan all files. Then click “Next” to start scanning.
sd card doesn't show up 3

Step 4: preview and recover lost files

After the scan, you can filter the files which you want by file name, type, path and time. Then preview and select the file, click the "Recover" button to save it to another partition or external device.
sd card doesn't show up 4
After following the above 4 steps, most files will be back. Then you can fix the program of SD card doesn't show up.

Solutions to deal with SD card doesn't show up

Solution 1: Place SD card's lock switch in the "Unlock" position

Many SD cards have a mini physical switch on the edge of the card, and you can check if your SD card has such a switch. This switch is designed to make whether the card can be written or not. If the switch is on the unlock side, data on the SD card can be edited or modified. In contrast, you cannot access it. Therefore, you should look for the tiny switch and make sure it is placed at the unlock side. Once it is moved to the correct position, try your SD card again and see if it can be recognized.

Solution 2: Update SD card driver 

Go to Device Manager, here you will see the card reader in the list. If it has a yellow sign beside it, the problem is most probably caused by driver issue. Then you need to update the driver. Here's how to do:
1. Connect the SD card to PC.
2. Navigate Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Disk drivers.
3. Find and select your USB device, right click and first choose "Uninstall" and then choose "Scan for hardware changes" to refresh the drivers.
4. Select “Search automatically for updated drive software”. If there is no new driver, try to look for one on the manufacturer’s website and follow the installation wizard.
5. If it doesn’t work to update driver, just right click the device and select “Uninstall”. Then restart your computer, and Windows will reinstall the driver by itself.

Solution 3. Enable SD Card Reader

Disabled SD card will not show up on Windows. The steps to enable this function are the same as above. First find your SD card in “Device Manager” and right click it. If it shows “Disable Device”, then you have already enabled SD card reader and there is no need to do anything. If not, just select the option “Enable Device”. Then Windows could detect your SD card normally.

Solution 4: Assign / change drive letter for SD card

If the SD card you inserted to your computer does not have a drive letter, it won't show up in system. To solve this problem you can try assigning a new drive letter.
1. Right-click Start button and select Disk Management from the menu list.
2. Find the SD card in Disk Management and right-click it to choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths" from context menu.
3. Click Change button from the popped-up menu, choose a drive letter from the drop-down list and click OK button. If the SD card does not have a drive letter, you should click Add button.

Solution 5: Remove SD card write-protection

As mentioned in the previous part, if SD card is set to be write-protected, then it cannot be recognized by computer. If your SD card does not have a lock switch and it is write-protected anyway, you can follow instruction here to remove write-protection.
Step 1, Access Device Manager. Press Windows key and R to launch Run window. The type devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK button.
Step 2, Locate and expand Disk Drives option and find out the SD card.
Step 3, Right-click on the card and choose Properties.
Step 4, If you can see an option related to write policy, turn off it and click OK. If you cannot see such an option under General tab, look for the option under Policies tab.

Solution 6: Run the hardware troubleshooter

Windows 10 ships with a built-in hardware troubleshooter. Using this hardware troubleshooter, you might be able to make the SD card show up on your PC. Go to Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot. Click on Hardware and Devices troubleshooter and then click run the troubleshooter. The troubleshooter might be able to identify the problem and fix it automatically.

Solution 7. Run CHKDSK to fix the memory card error

When the memory card fails to show up and cannot be detected by your mobile phone or PC, you can try to run Disk Management tool to force it to show up in PC and run CHKDSK command to fix internal errors so to make memory card readable again.
Let's see the detail steps now:
1. Click Start and go to Control Panel.
2. Click Administrative Tools and then click Computer Management.
3. When the window opens, click on Disk Management and then find the device in the drive viewer.
4. Press Win+R > Type: cmd and hit Enter;
5. Type: chkdsk D: / f and hit Enter; (drive letter of your memory card)
  Or you can type: chkdsk D:/f /offlinescanandfix and hit Enter.
By doing this, you'll be able to access to your memory card and read data on it again.
If the card reader is not working, you can buy an external card reader. If the memory card is still refusing to show up, probably the memory card is not working or corrupted.

In conclusion

This instruction explains a variety of solutions to fix SD card not showing up issue. Here we want to emphasize:

1. In order to make the SD card detectable and readable by the Android device, we should preserve the card carefully and keep it in good condition.
2. If none of these methods works on your SD card, you may need to purchase a new SD card to replace it.
3. If the SD card contains significant data, you should perform SD card recovery before trying any of these download it here:

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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