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[Fixed]Recover Data from Lost Hard Disk Drive Partition


Hard disk partition gets lost? How to get the data back? This article offers you the best partition recovery software to restore your data from lost partition under Windows 10/8/7 etc.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

There are several partitions on the hard disk drive, as well as external hard drive. Partitions are necessary when operating computer and saving data on them.
However, data on partitions may be lost or unrecognized when we operate computer for error deletion.
What should you do when faced such problems? Is it possible to restore the lost partition and data? Bitwar Data Recovery will help you.

What causes Hard Drive Partition Loss?

  1. Improper or Accidental Partition deletion
  2. Partition table loss or corrupted
  3. Virus Attack or Trojan Infection
  4. Bad Sectors on Hard Drive
  5. Illogical System Shutdown
  6. OS or File system corruption
  7. Run CHKDSK after the Disk Defragmentation
  8. Partition Resizing Procedure Accidentally Stopped
When the hard disk drive partition is lost, do not create new partitions on the unallocated space and overwrite new data to this partition. Otherwise, the hard disk will be overwritten and will be harder to recover.

How to restore data from lost partition?

Step 1: Download Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

Free download Bitwar Data Recovery on the official website:
Both Windows Version and Mac Version are provided.

Step 2: Perform Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

Click "Lost Partition Recovery" on Standard Mode. Bitwar Data Recovery offers six common recovery mode for users.

Choose Deep Scan on the next screen, and then choose the partition. 

Step 3: Select the file types need to scan.

Select the file types you want to recover and click "Scan". Then Bitwar Data Recovery will begin scanning the hard disk

Step 4: Preview and recover the files.

After Bitwar Data Recovery scans the lost partition, files will be listed with file name, file type, path and so on.
Then you can double-click the file to Preview. Files that can be previewed have good conditions to recover.

Select those you want to retrieve, then click "Recovery"
Note: Save the files to a different partition or an external storage device which will avoid data overwriting. 


Improper performance may cause partition and data loss, which is annoying. However, a free and safe data recovery software - Bitwar Data Recovery will help you.
Try now to get back your data from lost partitions!

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