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HDD recovery software, did you pick the right one?

 A lot of friends DMs asked me, is there a good hard disk recovery software to restore the formatted computer disk? Consult its causes, because the toxic disk is damaged into not, by antivirus software deleted important system files computer can not identify the disk and so on.
         A lot of important data, files, pictures and so on all lost, they can not find, for such a problem, small weave here to recommend this universal Data recovery master. Universal Data Recovery Master can easily restore the various types of memory card has been mistakenly deleted photos and other documents, is very professional, very competitive also use a wide range of data recovery software, with a strong disk scanning, disk diagnostics, data recovery, memory card file recovery functions. The ability to recover files that have been deleted by mistake and formatted with a variety of file types that are missing.
         To live in your side of the hard disk data recovery master.
         How do the master Data Recovery masters recover the missing data on the hard drive?
Step one, into the Universal Data Recovery Master website, to find universal data recovery Master software, download installed to the computer.
Figure 1: Direct download of universal Data Recovery master on official web
Step two, run the software already installed, select "Malformed Disk" on the interface.
Figure 2: Choosing to format the disk incorrectly
Step three, then select the disk that you want to scan, the data is deleted on which interface and select which disk.

Figure 3: Select the F disk to restore
Step four, at this point the interface into the selection data type, this interface to find their own type of recovery, after the tick click Next, enter the scan data status.

Figure 4: Selecting the file type to recover
Step five, scan complete, in the interface to find the file to recover, double-click the preview, and then restore the file to the computer can!
Preview the files that will be recovered
Figure 5: Previewing the files that are about to be recovered
The above is the universal Data Recovery Master for a computer disk formatted data recovery, if the entire hard disk is all formatted, omnipotent data master can restore it? The answer is yes, at this time, it is recommended that you will be formatted computer a hard drive down, connected to the normal use of computer B. Make sure that computer A's hard drive is displayed as a normal disk on computer B. Turn computer B on and install Universal Data Recovery Master. Special attention should not be installed on computer A's hard drive. View the formatted computer a hard drive shown as F on computer B. The recovery process can then be recovered in the same way as above.

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