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The operation method of the U disk formatted data recovery

        Today to share with you about the format of U disk data recovery operation methods. u disk, full name USB flash drive, English name "USB Flash Disk". It is a USB interface with no physical drive of the micro-high-capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface to connect with the computer to achieve Plug and play. U disk's biggest advantage is: small and easy to carry, storage capacity, cheap, plug and play. But as the daily life of supplies, U disk may be due to physical damage and failure or loss of data, virus intrusion illegal delete data or file system is not recognized by the operating system prompts the format. After formatting it is obvious that the data stored on the USB disk will be lost. But don't be afraid of data loss.
        The use of Bitwar Data Recovery can do the U disk formatted data recovery.
        Bitwar Data Recovery is a powerful, concise interface, simple operation of data recovery tools.
The first thing to do is to install software on the computer--the master of Universal Data recovery.
Download "Master Data Recovery guru" directly on official web
        Figure 1: Download the master data recovery guru directly on the official web
Secondly, in the interface to choose the wrong format of the disk, because we want to restore the format of the disk data, if it is to restore the mistakenly deleted files, you can choose to delete file recovery.
Choose to format the disk incorrectly
        Figure 2: Choosing to format the disk incorrectly
Then select the disk, this side to restore the U disk incorrectly formatted data, so select the disk u for recovery.
Select the disk to restore
        Figure 3: Select the disk to restore
Select the type of data you want to recover, the type of file you want to recover, and then click Next to enter the scan data.
Select the type of file to recover
        Figure 4: Selecting the file type to recover
Scan after the end of the interface will be able to see the data you want to recover, check the data you want to click to restore it!
Preview the files that will be recovered
Figure 5: Previewing the files that are about to be recovered
        The above is a Bitwar Data Recovery for the U disk Format Data recovery operation method, in addition to this misuse of the disk, for the deletion of files, mistakenly format the computer disk, mistakenly empty the Recycle Bin, u disk, such as memory card mistakenly delete files, hard disk partitions disappear, as long as the operation in time, did not carry out disk defragmentation, The master Data Recovery masters are able to restore them back without a large amount of written files to the missing files disk.

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