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How to recover deleted files on android without computer

Summary: How to recover deleted files on android without computer? Such as messages, photos and videos, etc. Bitwar has developed an Android OS based APP that allows you to recover files on Android phone without computer.
Bitwar Android Data Recovery for Windows download  Bitwar Android Data Recovery for APP download 
The mobile phone is the equivalent of our mobile computer, which holds a lot of important data, such as photos or videos taken at important moments. However, many Android phone users know that in the process of using a mobile phone, unexpected data loss disaster caused by different reasons occurs more and more frequently.
We know data loss is a common problem nowadays, so we can deal with it calmly. If there is a computer around, you can install Bitwar Android Data Recovery on your computer to restore Loss data of mobile phone, but if there is no computer, how to recover deleted files on Android phone directly without computer?
Luckily, Bitwar Software has launched Bitwar Android Data Recovery app version that supports restore lost data directly from Android phones. Simply download from Google Play by searching product name with Bitwar Android Data Recovery and then install on your Android Phone to retrieve your photos, videos, and messages. However, your device should be rooted to release authorization for running the application.
Step One: Installing the app on your Android device. You can download it from Play Store right here:

Step Two: Launch Bitwar Android Data Recovery Application, if your phone do not contains root, it will inform you to root the phone first. We can click root to download the root application.
Step Three: After root, there’s a “Analyze Device” window pops up before you go next with photo, video, audios recovery, etc.
Step Four: Select the file types you want recover data from, you can select Videos, photos, audios, contacts, messages, call logs, and etc. the application will try to retrieve your previously deleted files on your phone. And you can see the files are appearing on the window.
Step Five: Select what you need and click “Recover”,

That’s all for how to recover deleted files on Android without computer. For more information on how to recover deleted files on android with computer, please refer to:

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