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What's the best video file recovery software for Mac?

When we were working on Mac OS,When we work on Mac OS, we delete files, format partitions, or empty the Recycle Bin,We often mistakenly delete important files. Many files we can't redo. Such as video files and pictures. You will find many Mac data recovery software online, and this is what makes it difficult to make the best selection. What's the best video file recovery software for Mac?
We know a best data recovery software for Mac should have capabilities as such:
1. A Mac data recovery software should be easy-to-install and use. Moreover, the user-interface should be utmost handy.
2. A Mac data recovery software should be downloaded from safe (HTTPS Protocol) website. Further, it shouldn’t have adware or malware attached to it.
3. The best Mac data recovery software should have the latest OS support, i.e. MacOS High Sierra 10.13 compatibility.
4. A Mac data recovery software should be backed up by the top-notch technical support team.
5. Most importantly, a Mac data recovery software should support the recovery of data types such as – Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio, Emails, Archives and many more.
Because of this, we recommend to you a best video file recovery software for retrieving deleted videos on Mac OS. Bitwar Data Recovery software for Mac is a great solution for those looking to recover lost data due to any reason. This software can recover deleted files in a very easy manner and without any risks. It automatically scans your Mac OS for the lost files and works with all kinds of them such as images, videos, music, emails, documents etc.

How to restore lost video files?

Step1:Download and Install Bitwar Data Recovery software for Mac.
Free download and install Mac file recovery software for Mac on this URL: It is compatible with OS X 10.11 and later.
Tips: For latest macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) system requirements, Mac users are not allowed an access to system disk from apps. If you want to recover data from the system disk, please disable the system feature "System Integrity Protection (SIP)" , see the guide on How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13)
Step2: Select the Partition or Device
Launch the program and select the partition/devices where you files deleted and then click "Next". 
 best video file recovery software mac
Step3: Select the Scan Mode
Quick Scan mode can recover deleted files on a partition or device, such as files deleted by command+deleted , emptied from the trash or deleted by other software,etc. So select it and click “next”. if files have not been overwritten by other data, it can be retrieved completely in comdition of the files or directory structures.
best video file recovery software mac
Step4: Select the file type
You can recover all types of files in Bitwar data recovery for mac. You are supposed to choose "Video" option to recover your vidoes. Then click "Next".
best video file recovery software mac
Step 5: Preview, recover and save files
After scanning, by file name and Type, you can quickly filter the video files you've lost. you can also preview them one by one. Then you should select the ones you want to recover and press the recover button to have them saved to your Mac computer.
Tips: Please DO NOT save the video files into the Partition or device where you deleted files.
 best video file recovery software mac
If you can't find your files at quick scan result, go to scan again with "Deep Scan" on step 2. it will find all the files on the disk While it will take more time to completely the scan.
Now you know the way to restore video files on your Mac. More than video files, We aimed to provide high success recovery rate to recover any data type on Mac. Bitwar Data Recovery software for Mac handled all the complicated processes and simplify recovery for you. and provide comprehensive solutions for all data loss scenarios, easy and safe.

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