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How to restore lost data from Android phone?


Android phone is widely used now, but data loss may also happen to Android phones. Then how to recover? Bitwar Android Data Recovery allows you to restore lost data Easily.

Bitwar Android Data Recovery for Windows download  Bitwar Android Data Recovery for APP download

Android is a popular mobile platform used by many users. It's stored a lot of essential data which can put you in great panic when your precious files disappear. There are many possible reasons for data loss on Android phones. For instance, you may accidentally delete the photos, contacts, text messages, etc. But how to recover lost data from android phone? Don't worry! No matter what kind of reason caused data loss, Bitwar Android Data Recovery comes handy to get back your lost data.
Bitwar Android Data Recovery is the best data recovery software to restore lost data for an Android device. It can recover Contacts, Messages, Call history, Photos, Videos, and Voices from all devices that run on Android. Proper using this software will increase the chance of recovering all the lost data. So read this article before you use this software.

How does Bitwar Android Data Recovery Software Work?

If you delete the data accidentally, the first thing you need to do is to stop using your android device and try to recover lost data from Android with Bitwar Android Data Recovery software as soon as possible, or it may have a higher risk to overwrite the data. And you are not able to get the lost data back anymore.
The recovery procedure only takes four simple steps.

Install Bitwar Android Data recovery

1.Root your Android device 

Root your Android device to get the highest privileges on the phone. Users log in their Android phones after Root just like logging on their computer as Administrator. No matter the Windows version or APP version of the mobile data recovery requires to root your android phone before the recover. So does Bitwar Android Data Recovery.
There are two ways to root Android devices--Root on the computer or install APK Root on your Android device. For information on how to root, refer to How to Root Your phone.

Root Success

2. Install Bitwar Android Data Recovery

Bitwar Android Data Recovery software supports two ways to recover lost data - on Windows Recovery and phone Recovery. I recommend restoring lost data from Android phones by using a windows computer. Because you can save the recovered data on your computer first by using a computer for data recovery, after the restoration is complete, then move it back to the Android phone. It also reduces the possibility of data overwrite.

Download Software

Steps to Restore Lost Data with Bitwar Android Data Recovery:

Step1: Install Bitwar Android Data Recovery

Download Bitwar Android Data Recovery software on the official website:, then install it on PC.

Step2: Connect the phone to the computer

Launch Bitwar Android data recovery, follow the prompts to connect your android phone to the computer. and set it into Debugging mode. Then the program will identify your device.

Connect Phone

Step3: Select the recovered file type

The program will jump to the Select File Type page automatically After it has identified your device. Select the type which you want to recover Then click "Next."
Tips: It is crucial to keep the connection between the phone and the computer during the recovery process.

Select File

Step 4: Preview and recover lost data

When the scan finishes, the program will display all the files into different categories. You can see them on the left sidebar. Bitwar Android data recovery supports you to preview and select the files you wish to recover. After file selection, click the "Recover" button to save those files to the computer. Then you can transfer them back to your Android device.

Preview and recover lost data


Following all the above steps, you would successfully recover the lost data from the Android device. Data loss may be annoying, but it is no longer a complicated issue to solve. Bitwar Data Recovery makes data recovery an easy thing. It also supports to restore lost, deleted and formatted data from Windows, Mac, iPhone, and other devices. Let's have a try.

Bitwar Android Data Recovery for Windows download  Bitwar Android Data Recovery for APP download

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