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Best Android Data Recovery App Recommendation

Do you have a clear idea about how to restore lost data due to deletion, virus attack, or Android update? Here is the Best Android Data Recovery App Recommendation for you.


Due to the open-source of Android system, it is vulnerable to virus attacks or requires frequent system upgrades. Also, users can sometimes mistakenly delete data of the android phone. No matter how cautious we are, such situations do happen on our Android phone from time to time. 


The lost files haven't been deleted. They are just technically marked for deletion and invisible to us. To find those hidden files, you have to take the Best Android Data Recovery App to complete the job.


Bitwar Android Data Recovery is the best Android Data Recovery App Recommendation, and it has the following key features:

  1. Pleasant user experience and wizard operation, you can recover the data by only three steps and easily find the lost data.

  2. It can recover the lost data of android devices, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, bookmarks, reminders, and calendar, etc.

  3. Support data recovery from extension SD card of the mobile phones.

  4. Support files preview, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3, MP4, and other files.

  5. Supported Android OS version: 2.1-7.0

Let's take a look at how to recover data with this Best Android Data Recovery App Recommendation.


First, you should root your Android device. Root means to get the highest privileges on your Android device. Every brand of Android data recovery software requires to root your android phone before the recovery. And so does Bitwar Android Data Recovery. Without root access, the program can't thoroughly scan all the files on the phone, which causes the recovery process uncompleted. There is an app called, Kingroot, which roots the Android devices in just a matter of seconds. For information on how to root, refer to How to Root your phone.


Second, recover lost data from android phone.

Step One:
You can download Bitwar Android Data Recovery on Google Play and follow the guide below to start the recovery process:

 Install APP

Step Two:
Launch Bitwar Android Data Recovery Application. If your phone does not contain the root, it will inform you to root the phone first. We can click root to download the root application.


When you try multiple times, the root will likely be succeeded. But for some reasons, if rooting fails again and again, please change another root tool and root again.
Step Three:

After root, there's an "Analyze Device" window pops up before you go next with contents recovery.


 Scan Device

Step Four:
Select contacts, the application starts to search the deleted contacts on your phone. And you can see the data are appearing on the window.

 Select File

Step Five:

Select what you need and click "Recover."


If you want to restore your deleted Android data on your computer, you can try to apply Bitwar Android Data Recovery PC version to get your jobs done. The advantage of recovery on windows is that you can save the recovered data on your computer, and it also reduces the possibility of data being overwritten. Want to recover data on a computer, refer to How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android Internal Storage?

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