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How Much Does Hard Drive Recovery Cost?


In the computing world, there are only a few things are gut-wrenching as the loss of data. Some of you may have the experience to hire data Recovery Company to retrieve data. However, is it the best way to recover data? How much does hard drive recovery cost? Today in this article, we offer the best way to recover deleted data without paying money.

gut wrenching as the loss of data

How much dost Hard Drive Recovery Cost for Hiring Data Recovery Company?

As we've known from our customers, it's about $1 per 1GB, and if you have a 5TB hard drive, 5TB=5000GB.  You must cost $5000 for recovering your data.

Why is Hard Drive Recovery Cost so Expensive from Data Recovery Company?

I am quoting an explanation that found in Google: Normally the process of recovering lost data from your failed hard drive can be quite extensive and time-consuming, which generally causes the cost of hard drive recovery to be expensive.

From the above explanation, someone may accept that recover a hard drive is truly not that easy. However, do you know hard drive recovery cost isn't that high and actually we can recover lost data on our own?

Before knowing how to recover on our own, we should know first why the lost data on the hard drive is recoverable.

No matter we deleted the files and emptied the Recycle Bin, even formatted the partition or drive, it doesn't really mean the files lost forever. In addition, if you failed to access the SD card but you still can see it from your computer. That means the files on the storage or drive is still there, the system just marks the space where have the lost files as free space and waiting for writing new data.

Therefore, you can recover lost data by erasing free space marks. And here you can rely on Bitwar Data Recovery, which is a best data recovery software and lower cost for hard drive recovery, SD card, USB drive, etc. You can launch the software to recover lost data on your own, even you are a green hand.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

How much does Bitwar Data Recovery Cost for Hard Drive Recovery?

Bitwar Data Recovery is free trial data recovery software, requires no charges for the first 30 days. Its powerful recovery search and recovery mode allows you to find your lost data easily and completely.

Key features of Bitwar Data Recovery:

  1. Read-only Recovery, it means the software will only read the hard drive to search the lost files and will not fix or modify the data.

  2. Easy 3 steps recovery mode offers you the easiest way to retrieve data from the select partition where your lost files stored to select the scan mode to Recover.

Select partition or drive

3. Powerful scanning mode, Bitwar has three scanning modes: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Formatted Recovery. You can easily decide which model you need by reading the short description under each mode title.

Select the scan mode

4. Support any type of file recovery allows you to recover any file type of image/photo, video, audio, document, and archive file and other useful file types on Windows/Mac.

Select the file type

5. The powerful files filter function allows you to filter by Type, Time, and Path. Moreover, the software also provides a file name searching function.


6. Preview before recovery function allows you to check the lost data whether you need or not.


7. Recover the lost data with original file folder structures.


General speaking, you just need to download the software and then do not install the software in the same partition where have lost data, otherwise, it causes permanent loss of data. After that, launch the software and follow the Balloon tooltips to recover lost data by 3 steps.

Why Bitwar Data Recovery can be your Best Choice?

After 30 days free trial, if you think Bitwar Data Recovery is useful for you, you can decide on your own to pay $49 for an annual license or $99 for a lifetime license. The software will not force or imply you to pay the license without your agreement.

You can use Bitwar Data Recovery with no hidden fees, no extra Ads and no recovery amounts limits even in 30 days free trial or license validity time.

If you are seeking an alternative solution for hard drive recovery, and you think the hard drive recovery cost from Data Recovery Company is so high to afford, we then suggest you rely on Bitwar Data Recovery, which allows you to check the lost data intuitively and offers you the way to preview the data. You are completely the hard drive owner who can decide independently the data you want to recover or not. No matter you are an experienced user or a green hand.

The time cost of recovering lost data by Bitwar Data Recovery depends on the files need to be scanned. Anyway, download and launch the software and then finish the recovery isn't longer than hiring a data recovery company.

Do-it-yourself recovery it's easy and safe, completely no harmful to the original lost data, free trial first and lowers cost after 30 days for your hard drive, is it the best alternative choice for you?

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