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Best Free Video Recovery Software Restores Deleted HD Videos


Video recovery software helps to recover deleted HD videos from a hard disk, USB portable disk, memory card, SD card or other devices using Windows File system, such as NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT, etc. or the Mac file system, such as NFS, NFS+, APFS. Today in this article, we will introduce the Best Free Video Recovery Software step by step to guide you on how to restore deleted HD videos. 

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Why does everyone love HD videos?

Everybody loves HD Videos because of its High Definition Display Experience. HD is short for High Definition, normally HD vertical display resolution is over 720 lines, and the frame size is 1280X720 pixels and 1920X1080 pixels. Nowadays, many of the devices equipped with HD display, such as Digital cameras, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, because of its high definition display, everyone can have a wonderful experience while watching HD videos. 

What can we do after lost the HD videos files?

Sometimes we may delete our HD videos from a camera or computer, or perform an improper operation to format the SD Card, the partition that causes HD video loss. In addition, power failure is another killer to have our HD videos gone away.

Here we suggest Bitwar Data Recovery, which is really the best free video recovery software that helps us to restore HD videos. 

Why is Bitwar Data Recovery the Best free video recovery software? 

Bitwar Data Recovery is a free trial video recovery software that can help you to recover deleted or formatted HD videos easily and safely on a computer, no matter Windows or Mac system, USB portable disk, memory card, SD card or other devices. Bitwar Data Recovery is with the capacity to help you get back these HD videos without frustration. 

The Advantages of Using Bitwar Data Recovery

1. Powerful media preview function: Which means once we found the deleted HD videos, we can play the videos directly in the software to preview the videos are exactly we need or not.
2. Sector level scanning technology: Deep scan mode supports to search every single sector of the hard disk to find the videos. Especially sometimes the partition has been lost or memory card corrupted or damaged.
3. Friendly user experience: The software supports Balloon tooltips to guide you on how to operate the software step by step. That means you won't waste time to read the user guide to learn how to use the software anymore. 

How to Recover Deleted HD Videos by Bitwar Data Recovery?

Step One, select the partition or device.

Before performing video recovery, you can free download video recovery software full version on its official website:

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

After Downloaded Bitwar Data Recovery, Launch it and select the partition or drive which contains your deleted HD videos.


Select Device

Step Two, select scan mode and file types. 

Select Quick Scan and hit Video in the next. After that, hit "Scan."

Select File Type

Step Three, preview and recover the HD video.

During the scanning process, you can see the deleted HD videos files are appearing in the DetailsWindows, double-click the video file to play directly and preview. 

Note: If the video can be previewed, that means the video can be recovered.

Video Recovery - Preview


After doing the above steps, you can recover your videos quickly. It's quite easy to get back our deleted video files. If you are searching the Best free video recovery software, you can choose Bitwar Data Recovery to recover your deleted & formatted videos files or other useful data. If you encounter any data loss issues or have lost other types of files, you can also rely on Bitwar Data Recovery.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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