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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS X?


If you're looking for a way to recover unsaved word document on Mac OS X, you're in the right place. Here you can learn how to recover unsaved word document on Mac OS X from the Temporary Folder and AutoRecovery.
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There are many scenarios that can cause the issue of un-saving Word document: shut down Mac without saving the Word document; the Microsoft Word program crashed and not responsive so that you have to quit it without saving the document; the computer crashed and you don't have time to save the word document at all.
However, it is not a big deal. Here are 3 ways to recover unsaved word documents on Mac.

Solution 1: Recover from the AutoRecovery

Word for Mac includes an AutoRecovery option which is turned on by default. The app will automatically save a copy of an open Word file every 10 minutes. If Word freezes or crashes when you're working on a document, you can use the AutoRecovery copy to retrieve unsaved Word document with the changes or additions that you made in your last Word for Mac session 10 minutes ago.

    Step 1. Close Word for Mac.
    Step 2. On the Go menu, click Home. Open the Documents folder, and then open the Microsoft User Data folder.
    Step 3. Locate all the files that start with the words "AutoRecovery save of". Select the one you want to recover and open the files with Word program. (No programs can open it by default, and you need to manually select them.) Or you can add the ".doc" file name extension to rename the file, then open it.
    Step 4. If it is the files you want and click the File menu and select Save As. Type a new name for the file into the Name field, select a folder for the file and click the Save button.

Solution 2: Recover from the Recovered items folder in Trash

Word for Mac temporarily saves documents that the user has not yet saved them in the path <Trash -Recovered items folder>.
    Step 1. To open the Trash and see if the Recovered items are in there, click its icon in the Dock. A Finder window called Trash opens and display any files it contains.
    Step 2. If you find the Recovered items folder, move the copy of the unsaved Word file to a location on your Mac and load it up in Word to continue working on it. 

Solution 3: Recover from the Temporary Folder

Word for Mac saves a copy of the unsaved document named as Word Work File in a Temporary folder.
    Step 1. Go to the Finder, navigate to Go -> Go to folder.
    Step 2. Type /private/var/folders and find the files named "Word Work File" inside a "Temporary items" folder.
    Step 3. Drag folders or files to the Desktop and Save the Word file by clicking on File > Save As and save it to a safe location.

Solution 4: recover data with Bitwar Data Recovery for mac

If the above solutions couldn't worked to get back your unsaved document, you should use Bitwar Data Recovery for mac to recover the unsaved word document as an alternate solution. It is the most efficient way to recover the Word document on Mac for lost or delete files are invisible. Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac is such a best Mac data recovery that allows you to scan and recover deleted or lost all file types on Mac or removable drives. Such as word, excel, PowerPoint, photo, video. Of course, it also supports recovery data from the Temporary data, AutoRecovery and items in Trash.

Steps to recover unsaved word documents on Mac OS X

Download and install Bitwar Data Recovery on your Mac OS X by clicking the icon below, and then launch it. The software is compatible with OS X 10.11 and later.
Tips: For the latest macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) system requirements, Mac users are not allowed to access system disk from apps. If you want to recover data from the system disk, please disable the system feature "System Integrity Protection (SIP)" , and see the guide on How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13)

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Step 1: Launch the program and select the partition/devices where the Temporary, AutoRecovery and Trash folder in and then click "Next".
Step 2: Select the Quick Scan mode and then click "next". There are three scan mode for you to choose. If you can't find data from Quick Scan mode, you can try deep scan on this step. the Deep scan will search every sector of hard drive to find all existing files, but the scanning process will spend more time than quick scan and will not have the original file name in the scanning results.
how to recover unsaved word document mac
Step 3: Choose the "other files" type if you want to recover unsaved word documents on mac and click "Next" to start a scan.
how to recover unsaved word document mac
Step 4: After scanning, preview and select the files you want and press the Recover button to have them saved on the Mac.
Tips: Please DO NOT save any recovered data into the Partition where you lost it.
 how to recover unsaved word document mac
Above are the 4 methods to recover unsaved or deleted Word document files. I am sure you will successfully get the lost files back easily by referring to the guides.

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