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How to Initialize a Hard Drive and Recover Data from the Disk That Not Be Initialized


This article describes how to initialize a hard drive when the disk not initialized by windows. Does initializing the disk erases the data on the disk? Yes! How do I recover them?
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If you encounter the situation above but don't know how to deal with it, please don't worry! It doesn't mean you have lost data on the unknown/not initialized hard disk. The data is still in the hard disk, what you should do is choose a best third-party data recovery software to recover data from it first. And then perform to initialize the hard drive that showed 0 bytes.

Why disk showed not be initialized?

In general, disk not initialized problem is mainly due to corrupted Master Boot Record, partition loss, bad sectors, and virus attack. If the uninitialized disk doesn't show disk capacity in Disk Management, maybe it has certain hardware problem. You can't fix it yourself. However, if the uninitialized disk shows disk capacity, or shows 0 bytes used space, 0 bytes free space in file explorer, it means the hard disk can still be recognized by the Operating System.

Why should I initialize the disk?

To be recognized and used by the operating system, the disk needs to be initialized. Other words, you must initialize and format the disk before you can use it.

How to initialize a hard drive without lost data?

All of us want to know if it is safe to go ahead and initialize the disk. And when we initializing a disk and formatting it, we don't expecting any data loss on it. So how to initialize a hard drive without lost data?
When you encountered the disk not initialized issue, the most acceptable way is to initialize it at the first step and then, try to utilize the third-party hard drive recovery software to recover files from it.

Steps to initialize the disk

Go to Disk Management, right click the drive that needs to be initialized and then choose "Initialize Disk" option. After the initialization finished, format it
         Step 1: Right-click on This PC/My Computer > Manage to open the Disk Management tool;
         Step 2: Find the uninitialized, unknown hard drive and right-click on it and select Initialize Disk;
         Step 3: Then set the disk to initialize and set disk as MBR or GPT.

How to recover data form the initialized the disk?

To recover data, please search a best Third-party raw data recovery software to help you.
Bitwar Data Recovery is a professional data recovery freeware that can help you recover data from uninitialized hard disk, formatted partition, RAW disk, inaccessible disk, corrupted hard disk.
Free download and then install Bitwar Data Recovery Software on your computer by clicking the download icon below.

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Step 1. Select the initialized disk

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery software on your computer and select the initialized disk (file system is RAW).
how to initialize a hard drive

Step 2: Select the Scan Mode

Choose the "Quick Scan" mode to recover lost files from the disk.

Note: After scanned, if you cannot find files after Quick Scan, back to here and try deep scan. The deep scan will search every sector of hard drive to find all existing files. But the scanning process will spend more time and will not have the original file name in the scanning results.

disk not initialized

Select the file types and then click "Next" to start scanning. I suggest you choose "select all types" to scan all files out from the initialized disk.
disk not initialized

Step 3: preview and recover lost files

After the scan, you can filter the files you want by file name, type, path and time. Then double-click the Thumbnail images to preview them to make a selection.
Finally, select the ones you want and click the "Recover" button to save them to another partition or external device.
disk not initialized

After following the above steps, the data from the initialized disk have been restored with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery. Then you can format the disk to use it.

Steps to convert the raw disk to NTFS

1. Open This PC/Computer > Find the RAW disk;
2. Right-click it by choosing Format > Select the file system - NTFS and rename it;
3. Click Start > OK.
After this, your raw disk has been converted to NTFS, then, you can reuse it again, such as save the recovered files and new files to this disk.

About partition styles - GPT and MBR

Disks can be divided up into multiple chunks called partitions. Each partition - even if you have only one - has a partition style - GPT or MBR. Windows uses the partition style to understand how to access the data on the disk.
As fascinating as this probably isn't, the bottom line is that these days, you don't usually have to worry about partition style - Windows automatically uses the appropriate disk type.
Most PCs use the GUID Partition Table (GPT) disk type for hard drives and SSDs. GPT is more robust and allows for volumes bigger than 2 TB. The older Master Boot Record (MBR) disk type is used by 32-bit PCs, older PCs, and removable drives such as memory cards.
To convert a disk from MBR to GPT or vice versa, you first have to delete all volumes from the disk, erasing everything on the disk. And then convert it to GPT.

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