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How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting or Crashing Issue


iPhone keeps restarting or crashing? There are many specific cases mainly lead to it, such as the device is not working or stuck at the apple logo, app crashes on launch, etc. In this article, I'll explain the reasons which cause iPhones to keep restarting and how to fix it without missing data.

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While iOS is usually a pretty flawless experience without any bugs or glitchesone issue is that recently many Apple users tell us iPhone keeps restarting or crashing. iPhone rebooting issue is one of the common iPhone problems that you may encounter after updating to the new iOS system like iOS 11 when charging the iOS device and plugging the device in a headphone or connecting to a computer. Moreover, iPhone keeps rebooting issue can happen due to four factors including bad update, malware attack, unstable driver, and hardware issues.

Fortunately, follow the troubleshooting steps below, and you'll fix the random restarting problem in short order.

How to fix iPhone Keeps Restarting

Case 1: iPhone Keeps Rebooting and Can Enter Operation Interface

Way 1: Update Apps to the Latest Version

When the iPhone keeps crashing and restarting, this problem may relate to the apps. Hence, to update apps to the latest version can solve it.
1. Open the App Store. Tap Updates section in the bottom left corner of the iPhone.
2. If you want to update all the installed apps, tap Update All.

Way 2: Check and Remove Faulty Apps

If app updates cannot solve the iPhone randomly restarts, what should you do? You can check and remove the faulty apps. As is well known, app failure can cause iPhone or iPad restarts and crashes too often. Just uninstall the wrong app before iPhone keeps restarting. And then, see if the issue has been fixed.

Way 3: Update to Latest iOS Version

iPhone frequently keeps restarting/crashing every few minutes or seconds after update to iOS 11/11.1.2. Fortunately, the new iOS releases from Apple comes with a bug fix. Thus, you should make an iOS update to solve iPhone keeps restarting iOS 11 if the issue isn't fixed by app update/deletion.
To update iPhone iOS, go to Settings > General > Software to check if there is an update available. If yes, please download it first and then complete the installation.

iPhone setting 

Way 4: Reset All Settings

If you have tried the above ways, keeps restarting itself every few seconds or minutes but still have the same issue, you should reset all settings. It is a well-known measure taken in case of the system settings malfunction.
Steps to operate:
1. Open Settings > General > Reset.
2. Enter the passcode then tap Reset All Settings to restore to factory default.
All these ways are suitable only when your iPhone restarts over and over, and can turn on. But if iPhone keeps starting and won't turn on to the Operation Interface, how to fix it?

Case 2: iPhone Stuck in Restart Loop and Cannot Turn on

Solution 1: Hard Reset

To put it, a hard reset is an effective way to resolve any problems. To fix iPhone restart loop, you should do this by following the guide:
●For iPhone 6/6s and the earlier models, hold down both Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, then let go the buttons when Apple logo appears.
●For iPhone 7 or 7 plus, hold down Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds and then release them until you see the Apple logo.
●For iPhone 8 and X, press and hold Volume Up button for a few seconds and quickly release it. Press and hold the Volume Down button for a few seconds and immediately release it. Finally, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and release it when seeing the Apple logo.
After you force restart iPhone, perhaps the iPhone keeps crashing and restarting issue can be repaired.

Solution 2: Pull Out Your SIM Card

Sometimes there may be a problem with the iPhone connected to the wireless carrier. As a result, the best way to troubleshoot iPhone keeps restarting issue is removing SIM card. After fixing the problem, remember to put the card back.

Solution 3: Clean iPhone's Charging Port

If your iPhone keeps turning off and then turning on while charging or plugging in a headphone or charging, clearing the static electricity of the iPhone port will be a solution since the lint or dust in the port can result in charging or electrical connection problems.

Solution 4: Check Battery

When the battery is damaged or wears out, iPhone keeps restarting when charging, especially using iPhone 6, 5S or earlier. Thus, please check if your battery can work properly.

Solution 5: Software Update/Restore from an Old Backup

Update your iOS device to the latest software. As always, make sure to back up your device before going through the process. To do so, connect your iPhone to the computer → open iTunes → Click on Restore iPhone and confirm. Then, restore your device from the iTunes backup.
Most of these solutions are likely to cause iPhone data loss. So you should recover Lost Data first on your computer, and then fixing iPhone Restart.

How to recover lost data from the iPhone?

To recover lost data from the restarting iPhone, you need an efficient and safest way to get assistance with some third-party tool like Bitwar iPhone data recovery. This recovery program is specializing in restoring different phone contents like photos, messages, contacts, calendars, call logs, videos, and much more.
It has two different kinds of recovery options: Recover from iOS Device or Recover from iTunes backup files.
To recover straightly from the iOS device means that the program can quickly restore all the phone contents without any backups. In case you lost or deleted some phone contents from the iPhone and willing to prevent the loss of data gone away forever, you should stop using it right away. Download Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery now to begin the recovery. And "recover from iTunes backup files" allows you to restore missing data selectively from iTunes only without the need to restore the entire backup contents.
Both of these recovery options can help you recover missing photos from your iPhone. Therefore, you can choose whether you have backed up iTunes or not.

Download and Install Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery

iTunes can help Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery find the deleted data with more details. So first, Install Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery on your Windows or Mac.

Download Software

Tip before recovery:

Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery can directly detect whether iTunes is installed on the computer. If iTunes isn't installed, it will download the installation components directly without installation. If there is an installation or a computer that has backed up Apple data using iTunes, it can directly select the feature to scan from the backup.

The first time to access the iPhone needs to install the necessary fruit and devices, with a time of 3-5 minutes, please be patient.

Recover from iOS Device

Steps to Recover Lost Data from iPhone:

1、Recover from iOS Device

Step 1: Launch Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery and Connect iOS Device to the Computer

When both iTunes and Bitwar iPhone data recovery software were installed on your computer, start the Bitwar iPhone data recovery program and connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Select the default recover mode "Recover from iOS Device" and wait for the program to identify the connected iPhone.


Step 2: Select the file type

After the iPhone has been identified, the program jumps to the Select File Types page automatically. Select the file type and then click "Start Scan".

Start Scan  

The software will quickly scan the iPhone to find all the existing data. You should keep your iPhone connection during operation. And you can "Pause" or "Stop" the Scanning process to preview data.


Step 3: Preview and recover data

After the scanning, the selected type of data on the iPhone will be displayed out in the program. The software will let you know how many existing and deleted files have been found. You can preview them and mark them as you want, then click the "Recover" button to save them on your computer very well.

Preview and recover lost data  

According to the above operation, the lost data have been recovered successfully without backup.

2. Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Make sure you've iTunes backed up

Make sure you've backed up your iPhone with iTunes before. If not, backup is not too late now. For information on how to back up with iTunes?Refer to How to back up with iTunes?

iTunes Backup

Start the Bitwar iPhone data recovery program and select the recovery mode "Recover from iTunes Backup File". Then select the backup file which you want to recover. If the backup file is not displayed, you can manually find your backup file by click "Browser..."

Recover from iTunes Backup File

Tips of finding the backup file:

  • For Windows 7 operating system or higher: \ Users \****\ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \

  • Windows X: \Documents and Settings\****\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

  • Mac OS X:〜/ Library / Application Support / MobileSync / Backup /

Note: **** is the user login name, such as the Administrator.

Step2: Select the file type

After you selected the backup file, the program will jump to the Select File Types page automatically. Choose a file type or select "Select All" by default, and click "Start Scan". The program will begin to scan on the iTunes backup file to find all of the existing and lost data.

Start Scan

Step3: Preview and recover lost data

Once the scanning process finished, all found data has been displayed with categories at the left panel, same as the function of Recover from iOS Device. You can click and preview them, finally, select all data you desire and get them back with one click on the "Recover" button.


As a result, "recovery from an iTunes backup file" has also been successfully performed.


With the help of all the above information in this tutorial, I believe you can now quickly performing recovery of data missing from the iPhone on your own.
iPhone keeps restarting & crashing? Now it's the time to fix it by the above solutions based on actual cases. If you find data lost after restarting, crashing or setting? Just recover them with the help of Bitwar iPhone data recovery.

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