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How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac OS X

Losing important data is devastating for us. Unfortunately, nearly everyone has accidentally deleted files before on Mac OS X due to operational errors. If you delete permanently by using "Option + Command + Delete" hotkeys or empty the Trash Bin, the file will disappear in front of us. The mac OS has no undelete feature. So what should you do?
If you have just deleted a document, chances are very good that you’ll get it back even if you’re very casual about everything. First thing of all, you should stop using the partition on your Mac as soon as possible. If your computer is downloading, editing or copying anything onto the partition, stop that process. Then Download and install Mac Data Recovery software on another partition. Emphasize again, please do not take any unnecessary actions either on the partition which you want to recover data from. The sooner you find data recovery solutions, the more deleted files you can get back.
Losing important data is devastating. Fortunately, Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac can recover deleted files from Mac OS X. Whether you deleted these files, emptied trash bin, lost them due to virus, or due to formatting you can still have them back by using this software. You can recover audios, videos, pictures, compressed files, and documents. Moreover, this program lets you preview files that have been scanned.
It Supports data recovery from Trash Bin, Hard Drive and all external devices, such as Memory Card, USB Drives, Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Digital Camera, Camcorder, etc.

Install the Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac?

You can download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac by clicking below download icons. Then install it on your Mac OS. The software is compatible with OS X 10.11 and later.
Tips: For latest macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) system requirements, Mac users are not allowed an access to system disk from apps. If you want to recover data from the system disk, please disable the system feature "System Integrity Protection (SIP)" , see the guide on How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13)? (
Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download

Step1: Select the Partition or Device

Launch the program and select the location where your data were lost and then click "Next". If you want to recover deleted files from external devices, please connect it to your computer and select it on this steps.
Mac recover deleted file

Step 2: Select the Scan Mode

You can choose a scan mode based on the data loss reasons. Then click “next”. If you want to recover the deleted file on the partition of Mac OS X, so you should choose “Quick Scan”.
● Quick Scan: this mode can recover deleted files on a partition or device, such as files deleted by command + deleted, emptied from the trash or deleted by other software, etc. If files have not been overwritten by other data, it can be retrieved completely in condition of the files or directory structures.
● Formatted recovery: Recover formatted files after performed a quick format on a partition or hard drive in condition of the capacity of partition or drive haven’t been changed before or after formatting.
● Deep scan: If previous scan couldn’t worked to find lost files, try deep scan this time. Deep scan will search every sector of hard drive to find all existing files, but the scanning process will spend more time than quick scan and will not have the original file name in the scanning results.
Mac recover deleted file

Step3: Select the file type

Choose the file types which you want the files to be recovered and click "Next".
Mac recover deleted file

Step 4: Preview, recover and save files

After scanning, by file name and Type, you can quickly filter the lost data. And you can also preview them one by one. Then select the ones you want and press the recover button to have them saved to a safe path of Mac.
Tips: Please DO NOT save the data into the partition or device where you deleted it.
Mac recover deleted file
Great! Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac has helped me recover deleted files with ease. As a matter of fact, the magic tool comes in handy anytime when you lose important data on an internal hard drive, a USB flash drive, a memory card, a pen drive... Come on, you can give it a try...

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