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How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Mac


This article provides the best free photo recovery software for you to recover deleted pictures on a Mac computer. Free download it and restore deleted pictures within three simple steps now.

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At present, people use electronic devices to store data in large quantities, resulting in data loss has been shared. Fortunately, deleting images may not be the end of the world. In most cases, these pictures are still hiding in the trash bin and can be easily retrieved. If not, you would assume that they are permanently lost.
This is not the truth. When data files were deleted from the computer, the directories of files disappeared for the moment. However, the contents of deleted files won't be destroyed immediately. Mac marks the hard drive space as being available used by changing one character in the file table so that the file entry won't be displayed in My Computer or a command line, etc. But the data area would not be erased, so the deleted files still there. Hence, if your photos have been accidentally deleted or formatted, don't be panic. You still have a chance to recover your pictures with an easy photo recovery tool.
Bitwar Data Recovery software for Mac is a fast, reliable, and robust data recovery software, which works well for digital pictures and file recovery. It can help you quickly recover deleted photos from the emptied trash, digital cameras, memory cards, CF cards, SD cards, USB flash drives, and external hard drives, etc.
Free download for Mac below and install it on your Windows. Then follow the step-by-step guide to recover pictures.

Step 1. Select partition or device

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery on your Mac and select the partition or device where you have lost pictures from. If your images are lost from the external equipment. Plug it to your Mac and then pick it on this program.

Select Device

Step 2: Select the Scan Mode

Select "Quick Scan" when you deleted it from hard drive, trash or external device. Then click on the "Next" button. If Quick Scan couldn’t worked to find lost photos, try "deep scan."
"Formatted Recovery" is using for recovering data that formatted improperly on internal hard drives or external devices. If your disk was formatted and the pictures existed, choose "Formatted Recovery" on this step.

Select Scan Mode

Select the "Images/Photos" type when we want to recover recently deleted pictures, then click "Next" to start scanning.

Select File Type

Step 3: Preview and recover

After the scanning process, all recoverable photos will be listed. You can preview them and check those images you want. Finally, select the pictures which you want and click the "Recover" button to save them back.
Tips: To avoid recovered pictures from being overwritten, DO NOT save the images into the disk or device where you have recently deleted photos.


After those steps are finished, you will see the deleted photos again on your Mac. In addition to recovering pictures, audios, videos, documents, and other type files can also be retrieved with this Bitwar Data Recovery. Want to improve photos? Download it here!

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download


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