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Best File Recovery Software to Restore Corrupted Files

Your file is unreadable and cannot be opened? This seems to be a serious problem. The reason why the file is unreadable may be that the file system is corrupted or the file is corrupted by viruses. You need best corrupted file recovery software to restore corrupted files。This time, I recommend the Bitwar Data Recovery software to you.

The Bitwar Data Recovery software is designed to easily recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible files from the computer, laptop, hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, multimedia player and other storage devices. It only needs a few clicks to recover your files.

How Bitwar Data Recovery to restore corrupted files:

Step1:Download and Install Bitwar Data Recovery software.
You can download and install Bitwar Data Recovery for free at the official website . Remember not to install the Bitwar Data recovery to the partition where your corrupted files.
 best deleted file recovery software for windows
Step2: Launch Bitwar data recovery software, select Deep Recovery. Deep Recovery can matching existing file steucture in partition and restore corrupted files。
 best deleted file recovery software for windows
Step 3: Select the partition which you want to recover the corrupted file and click Next. 
best deleted file recovery software for windows
Select the type of file which you want to recover and click "Next". you can retrieves your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. Then click Next to start the scan. 
 best deleted file recovery software for windows
Step 4: Files to be scanned will be listed. The Bitwar Data Recovery allows to preview specific recoverable files. You can click to preview them. If the file can be previewed. The files you recovered will be readable and writable.
best deleted file recovery software for windows
Please select the file which you want to recover and click the recover button in the lower-right corner to save the data to another partition or drive. 
Note: Please DO NOT save the files into the partition or device where your corrupted files is located.
best deleted file recovery software for windows
Following this action, the data has been restored.

Useful tips to avoid recovered file cannot open issue:

       1. Back up your files regularly.
       2. Stop use the device and perform a data recovery with Bitwar Data Recovery as soon as possible.
       3. Save recovered files using a different disk or storage device.

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