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Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10


Are files lost or deleted? This article provides you the best free data recovery software for Windows 10 to help you recover deleted, lost, or formatted data.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

The Windows 10 operating system is Microsoft's latest PC operating system. At present, its user-friendly interface, System security, Online services, support for Multimedia and gaming and other functions by the user favorite. But, misoperation is unavoidable. We often lose the data on Windows 10 because of the wrong delete operation. Whether it is a system file or important data, once lost can cause unpredictable consequences. So I recommend Best data recovery software for windows 10 - Bitwar Data Recovery to you. With it, you can recover all the lost data on your WIN 10 system. 

Bitwar Data Recovery makes data recovery in Windows 10 super easy. With just one click of a button, it will run through all of its scanning functions and display a list of files that can be potentially recovered. You can even preview these files so that you can determine which can be successfully recovered. Besides, you shouldn't have to be a data recovery expert to recover data. Because Bitwar Data Recovery emphasizes easy. It is designed to recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible files easily from Windows PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, multimedia player and other storage devices. 

How Bitwar Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Files on WIN10: 

First, you need to Download and Install Bitwar Data Recovery software

Tips: Remember not to save or install Bitwar Data Recovery to the partition on which you lost files.

Then you can follow the steps to recover deleted files.

Step 1: Launch Bitwar data recovery software and select "Delete File Recovery" when you want to restore the lost files.


Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 - Bitwar Data Recovery


Step 2: Select the partition containing your deleted files and click "Next." 

Select Device 

Step 3: Select the type of file which you want to recover and click "Next". 

Bitwar Data Recovery is a safe and effective data recovery software, you can retrieve your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. If you want to recover all types, you can select "Select All Types" and click "Next" to start the scan. 

Notes: During the hard disk data recovery process, it is forbidden to write data to the source disk. Do not do disk defragmentation and restore data recovery software as soon as possible.

Best data recovery software for windows 10


Step 4: Preview and recover the files you want.

Files to be scanned will be listed. Bitwar Data Recovery allows previewing specific recoverable files. You can click to preview them.



Please select the file which you want to recover and click "Recover" button in the lower-right corner to save the data to another partition or drive. 

Note: Please DO NOT save the files into the partition or device where you lost the data.


Preview and recover lost data

Following the above steps, the deleted files have been restored. Bitwar Data Recovery is amazingly popular around the world to help over 25,000,000 users to recover lost data. 

Thus, whenever you encounter data loss issues, try Bitwar Data Recovery. It will not let you down.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download  

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