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Free Download GT Recovery Activation Code


Download full version of GT Recovery Activation Code Free with key, keygen, crack, serial number, registration code, license code, etc. isn’t safe for you, here's a GT recovery activation code free alternative program for you to recover lost data.

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

When you accidentally delete data on the hard disk or format the disk without saving important files, have you ever spent lots of hours to find a free data recovery software? And you found GT Recovery can help you recover deleted, formatted or lost files including images, photos, audios, Document, etc. from PC, laptop, hard drive, digital device or storage media.

How to download GT Recovery Activation Code Free

Have you ever tried to find GT recovery activation code free such as crack, serial key, license code, activation code, etc. to restore your lost data? Please don't do that! It's really not the best choice as you will take many risks if you are trying to use cracked GT recovery software.
First, you might find it is just a waste of time and efforts when you spend hours or even days finding an un-useful cracked version. You will find that it can't recover your lost data at all. Secondary, your device or data may be damaged if you were trying to use a cracked or pirated GT recovery software that possibly bundled with unknown virus or malware, even backdoor.
For all these reasons, we don't recommend you to install GT recovery activation code free to recover your data.

The best alternative to GT recovery activation code free

Stop using GT recovery activation code right now, and as an alternative, we recommend you Bitwar Data Recovery Software, which is a full version free data recovery software and has no recovery File Size and recovery amount limit, more efficient and safer. You will find how helpful it is if you try it!
In contrast, Bitwar Data Recovery can recover all the things GT Recovery can do, and even Bitwar supports preview before recovery when you would like to recover data from lost partition and raw devices.
Therefore, we say that Bitwar Data Recovery Software is your best choice

How to recover lost files with Bitwar Data Recovery?

Download Bitwar Data Recovery and install the powerful software on your computer, and then launch it. Bitwar Data Recovery is available for both Mac and Windows users.
Notes: During the lost data recovery process, it is forbidden to save the program and write data to the source partition. Do not do disk defragmentation but to restore data as soon as possible.

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 1. Once Bitwar Data Recovery has been installed, click on the Start Now button to launch the software. Select your partition or device where the data lost from, then click Next.

 gt recovery activation code free

Step 2. Select the scan mode based on the method of lost data and then hit Next.
       ●    Select Quick Scan if you deleted data by shift +delete on the partition you selected or emptied from recycle bin. If files are not overridden by other data, files can be fully recovered.
       ●    If the partition were formatted and the size of this partition will not be changed after the formatting, try Formatted Recovery.
       ●    If files are not found under quick scan, try Deep Scan. The deep scan can find all the files with a detailed scanning algorithm, but will not display the file names and may take longer time.

gt recovery activation code free

Step 3. Choose the exact types of files you have lost, you can select all types if you do not know which type you want to select.

Step 4. After the scan, filter files you want through file name, file type, path, and time. Then double-click them to preview before recovery. It’s a powerful preview function that helps you to check the file by playing videos, audios or GIF images, etc.

 gt recovery activation code free

After you determined the file, select it and click "Recover" button to retrieve them back. Here, you'd better save all the recovered files to a different drive or device to prevent data recovery failure.



How to get free trial data recovery software?

Download and Launch Bitwar Data Recovery then register an account with your email address or login directly with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and then just select one of your social accounts and share the software to public on your social media profile and you will unlock a 30-day free trial after sharing.
As you can see, you don't have to waste time on searching GT Recovery activation free in Google one by one, with free Bitwar Data Recovery software, you can get back your data easily and quickly. And after 30-day free trial, If you like this software, you can also purchase the annual or lifetime license to keep safe on your data.


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