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How to Recover Lost Partition On External Hard Drive?


Partition from External hard drive may get lost in any situation. How to recover lost partition on external hard drive
External hard drive is a type of hard disk drive which is externally connected to a computer with plug-and-play interfaces such as USB. It has many advantages: it is portable and it can be operated on a plug-and-play basis, and users can back up or store important data separate from the main internal hard drive. However, data or partition from External hard drive may get lost in any situation. The partition table could be damaged by corruption, virus, false-operation, incorrect manipulation, hardware problems, etc. Then you may lose the valuable data from external hard drive. Besides, deleting partitions unintentionally is also a reason of partition loss. How to recover lost partition on external hard drive? How to recover data from lost external hard drive partition?
We all knows that when Partition lost from External Hard Drive, Files on the partition can still be recovered from your external hard drive as long as they haven’t been overwritten by new data on the drive. Before you look for a way to find the partition back, you’d better recover data on the lost partition. Because any action on your external hard drive can possibly overwrites those files.
You can recover lost external hard disk partition data by making use of “Bitwar Data Recovery”. It is powerful data recovery software to recover all kinds of lost data even if the partition is lost or missing. Plus, it recovers all kinds of file types with ease, including pictures, audio files, videos, documents and more.
Free download Bitwar Data Recovery and install it on your computer: it and follow the next simple steps to perform data recovery from lost partition.

 Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download
Step 1: In standard mode of the program, you should select “Lost Partition Recovery” when you want to recover data from the lost partition.
Step 2: If the missing partitions are displayed in the program, select it and click “Next”. 
if you can’t find lost partition you want to recover, please click Hyperlinks“Deep Scan”, deep scan will automatically start to find more hard drive partition data.

Select the external hard drive which you want to retrieve lost partition and click “Next”.

The scan will help us find all the missing partitions from the external hard drive, The following figure is a hint to found 1 lost partition. Please select it and click next to recover data back from it.
Step 3: Select the types of files you want to recover and click "Next".
The software supports to recover any of the file types. Sometimes, the users didn’t know exactly what kind of files have been lost, therefore, you can choose "Select all files". Then the software will quickly scan the selected criteria to find all target files.
Step 4: After the scan is complete, Files to be scanned will be listed out. You can check all recoverable files list on the left panel. You can also preview them to make a selective recovery. The software allows you to preview more than 300+ file types, and even it allows users to play the GIF animate image, video, audio file inside the software.
After determining, select the file you want and click "Recover" button to save them to another partitions.
Following these steps, the data has been recovered from the lost partition of the external hard drive yet. Did you get “how to recover lost partition on external hard drive”?

Next, you can create a new partition in lost partition to store new data.

Create a new partition:
   -   Go to Disk Management > Right-click unallocated space on your computer (which as previously the deleted partition) and choose Create new volume > Specify the size of the new partition and click Next > Finish.
   -   After creating new partition, you can reuse it to store new data.

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