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Best Unformat SD Card Freeware for Windows 7/8/10

It's really painful that found data was wiped by formatting the SD card mistakenly while following the Windows prompts: You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Fortunately, your data still exists there if there's no new data writing in and unformat SD card freeware can help you get back lost files easily and quickly.

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SD card is the most common used media storage device can be equipped in mobile phone, digital camera, digital camcorder, portable game player, music player, etc. However, due to the off-brand flash memory chip or massive usage of the SD card day by day. There are always having faults while using SD card, what's troubling is that precious data, such as documents, videos, audios, photos store in the SD card probably gone away, however, we cannot lose them.

Indeed, if someone is unfamiliar with the operations of Windows or Mac, it is possible to follow the prompts to format the SD card while having no ideas it can cause data loss, that's why we found many people asked in Quora: How to recover data from formatted SD card?

Anyway, the first thing you need to know is not follow the Windows prompts to format the SD card while you are having below common prompts on Windows:
1. You need to format the disk
2. SD Card shows 0 bytes
3. SD card turns into RAW
4. SD Card errors or corrupted

However, if you really have formatted the SD card, Memory Stick, USB flash drive, pen drive or any other storage device, don't be panic, you can follow the best solution in this article with unformat SD card freeware to get back lost files.

Best unformat SD card freeware

You may have tried to find many data recovery software to unformat the SD card, however, none of them is free of  charges or only offers you 1GB or 2GB to recover data from formatted SD cad, if your data is over 1GB or 2GB , you have to pay for the license fee ranges from $69 to $350.

Can we find such software that offers free trial with initial 30 days and can recover anything we want during the free trial, and after that, we can decide on our own to pay for an affordable annual or lifetime license?

The answer is yes, Bitwar Data Recovery is such best unformat SD card freeware that you can simply download the software from Bitwar official website and then register an account, after shared the software to one of your social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and then you can obtain the 30 days free license. Within 30 days, you can recover accidental deleted or formatted files, photos, documents, compressed files, video, audio from hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, recycle bin or any other storage devices. You can find tutorials in Bitwar official website to find articles for different recovery purposes.

Here are two best solutions for SD card recovery.

Solution for formatted SD card

Step 1. Download unformat SD card freeware – Bitwar Data Recovery by clicking below download button, install it on your computer, please remember that don't install it on your SD card!
Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 2. After installation and then launch Bitwar Data Recovery software and you can see the program offers you step-by-step interface that you can know what to do next clearly.
Step 3. Even you can turn to Standard Mode that located at the middle-bottom of the software, there are 6 common used recovery solutions for you, select Formatted Disk Recovery, and then select your SD card, after that, click Next.
Step 4. Select All Types or check the target types you need and then hit Scan button. The software will start to scan the formatted files on your SD card immediately and while it's scanning, the results are also listing out one by one for you to preview.
Step 5. Double-Click the file to preview and then hit Recover button when necessary.

unformat SD card freeware - preview formatted files

The software offers you three ways to preview the data

1. Double-click the file
2. Click the magnify button at the rightmost position of each file.
3. Turn to Preview Mode to generate thumbnails for files.

Personally, I prefer the third way to preview whole files with thumbnails, it's easy for me to check whether the files are desired or not. In addition, the software also offers a tree list with Type, Path, Time, by clicking each filters, you can easily short the recovery time. Moreover, you can enter file name in search bar at the right-top position of the software to find your data quickly.

Solution for unformatted SD card

After you connected the SD card with the computer, although sometimes Windows informs you that you need to format the disk or shows I/O error, you just don't believe in the prompts and cancel the window, then try to search solutions in Google, I have to say you are perfectly escape the risk of losing data.

However, the SD card becomes inaccessible or turns into RAW that shows 0 bytes in properties.

You can select the SD card directly in the software that the device name starts with HD in Bitwar Data Recovery Software, it goes with a Dee Scan directly to search data on your SD card, after found your data, click Recover button to save the data to the computer.

After recovery, you can then format the SD card to fix the errors.

Therefore, the unformat SD card freeware requires you only one condition: Don't save the data back to SD card to prevent data overrides. And we are willing to give you a warm prompt as a happy ending of this article: Free download Bitwar Data Recovery to enjoy the 30 days free trial to recover data from formatted or unformatted SD card right now.
After the initial 30 days free trial, I believe that it's enough for you to test the success rate and if you are willing to pay for the annual of lifetime license, simply visit Bitwar Online Store to purchase the license code. Generally, some data loss situations happened without any senses of preparations, it's better to purchase a long term license to prevent data loss.

Bitwar Data Recovery download from store

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