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External hard disk data recovery software free download


Many people use external hard disk as a backup media that could save many important photos, video files and other important data. with the popularity of external/removable hard disk drive, people are used to store more of their personal or business data on the external hard disk. The external hard disk certainly brings much convenience in our daily life.
However, a survey from a data recovery company shows that Due to hot plugging, plug and play, accidental deletion, virus attack, loss in the external hard drive takes the largest portion . That is, the way to restore data from external hard drive is much needed.
Bitwar data recovery is a free trial, safe, easy-to-use and reliable external hard disk data recovery software. it can recover files lost due to deletion, format, raw , virus attack, system crash etc on external hard drive. And it also supports to restore data from hardware RAID, local hard drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Disk

Connect your External Hard Disk to PC and free download Bitwar Data Recovery, Install it on your windows. We recommend that you install the program on a different drive to avoid overwriting the data. 
external hard disk data recovery software 
Step 1. Launch the program ,choose a proper mode on standard mode, you should select “Accidental Deletion Recovery” when you want to recover data from External Hard Disk.
external hard disk data recovery software
Step 2. Select The External Hard Disk you lost files and select file types. then click "Next" button to start scan.
download hard disk data recovery software

download hard disk data recovery software
Step 3. After scan, you can filter what you need from the scanning results according to the file name, type, path and time. you can Preview them before recovery. Then select them and Click "Recover" to get them back .
Tips:you'd better save all the recovered files on the partition of the computer or different device.please don’t save any files to the External hard disk until the recovery is end.
hard drive file recovery software
Recovery data of external hard drive becomes easier because of external hard drive data recovery software.  Free download Bitwar data recovery right now to avoid the data being lost again.
hard drive file recovery software 

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