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Download data recovery software full version free

The best & easy way to fight against any data loss is backup. Sometimes backup itself not enough to recover lost or deleted data because there is no backup of data or backup has not updated data. We understand data loss can happen with anyone at any time. When it comes to data safety, you can never be 100% sure that your data is protected and safe from any kind of loss or situation. There is always something unexpected that can happen. Considering all the scenarios in mind, I recommend you a powerful full version data recovery software i.e. Bitwar data recovery. You can download this free trial data recovery software by clicking on “Free Download” button.
download data recovery software
Bitwar Data Recovery is a fast, reliable, powerful, and free trial Data Recovery software.This free data recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from different storage devices such as internal & external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc.
When you got to know that you have lost your important data or unable to access your most used drive/partition where you saved all your priceless data then stop using that drive/partition immediately, and use Bitwar Data Recovery to recover your data as soon as quickly.
Step 1:launch Bitwar Data Recovery, Select recovery mode according to the actual situation. you can select “Deleted File Recovery”, “Formatted Hard Drive Reocovery”, “USB/Memory Card Recovery”, “Recycle Bin Recovery”, “Lost Partition Reocovery” or “Deep Recovery”.
   Delete File Recovery:Disk data accidentally deleted files can be recover from here.
   Formatted Hard Drive Recovery: Mistakenly formatted disk,USB drive,removable hard drives and memory cards can be restored from here.
   USB/Memory Card Recovery: Accidentally deleted files on USB drive,removable hard drives,memory cards and camera card can be restored from here.
   Recycle Bin Recovery : Recycle Bin emptied by mistake or Deleted files from Recycle Bin can be restored from here.
   Lost Partition Recovery: Accidentally re-partition or Ghost installation system causes the partition lost,you can find lost partitions and files here.
   Deep Recovery: Matching existing file structure in partition can find more files,but with no file name provided,scanning will take longer.
download data recovery software
 Step 2:Select The Partiton/Drive you lost files and then select the file types to which the data you want to recover belongs, click on the button “Next”.
The Bitwar Data Recovery supports all file types: Pictures, Videos, Audio, Emails, Documents and Others Files.
download data recovery software for windows
 Step 3:Bitwar Data Recovery will start scan quickly. you will see all missing files that match the selection will be listed. After a scan, choose the data you want and you can make a selective recovery with Preview. Choose the data you want and click "Recover" to get them back .
Preview and recover deleted files
download full version of data recovery software
With the above steps, you can recover most of the lost data with the full version of Bitwar Data Recovery. If you the first scan cannot find your files, you can try "Deep Recovery" mode to deep scan, While it will search more files and take more time.
Bitwar Data Recovery works not only with your internal hard drive, but also with any external hard drive, smartphone, camera or any other memory storage device connected to your PC. You can use Bitwar Data Recovery to recover over 500 different types of files, including all types of photos, videos, documents and emails.
Download Bitwar Data Recovery software full version free here:
file recovery software download