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Best Deleted File Recovery App for PC

We all accidentally deleted important files on the PC. If there is no backup and the recycle bin can't find it. How did you find them back? Today, I recommend Bitwar Data Recovery Software to you which is a best Deleted File Recovery App for PC, can recover deleted files & Lost data by 3 steps.

Key Features of Bitwar Data Recovery

1. Bitwar Data Recovery can help restore deleted files with no complications needed. it supports file lost or mistakenly deleted on hard Drive, USB finger, SD Card or other Memory Card , and empty the Recycle Bin.
Deleted File Recovery App for PC
2. Bitwar Data Recovery can restore files from formatted hard drive,USB Drive, SD Card,  Memory Card or other external storage devices, and it can recover files from lost can recover it in “Formatted Hard Drive Reocovery” mode.
3. If you can’t recover files from recovery mode above. try “Deep Recovery”. This mode can match existing files structure in the partition and can find more files.but its disadvantage is that the file name is not displayed after scanning and scanning will take longer.
4. Bitwar Data Recovery supports all types of files, including photos, videos, documents, audios,archives, etc in multiple file formats(HFS, HFS +, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS,EXT3, EXT4).
best deleted file recovery software for windows
5. Bitwar Data Recovery allows you to lost files before recovery, including common photos, Word, Excel, PDF, CAD, RAR, PSD, etc., as many as 300 different file types.
6. Bitwar Data Recovery supports windows and mac operating systems. No matter which version of your computer, you can use the corresponding Bitwar Data Recovery to recover.
computer deleted file recovery software
7. Bitwar Data Recovery software is user-friendly, simple and easy to understand, and has strong technical support.
Based on the above Key Features, we know that Bitwar Data Recovery is Best Deleted File Recovery App for PC. With friendly user experience and wizard operation, you can recover the data with only 3 steps and easily find the lost data even if you are not familiar with computer operations.

Steps to recover data with Bitwar Data Recovery

Step 1:launch Bitwar Data Recovery, Select recovery mode according to the actual can select “Deleted File Recovery”, “Formatted Hard Drive Reocovery”, “USB/Memory Card Recovery”, “Recycle Bin Recovery”, “Lost Partition Reocovery” or “Deep Recovery”.
Step 2:Select The Drive you lost files and select file types, The Bitwar Data Recovery supports all file types: pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents and others.
Step 3:Preview and recover deleted files
Bitwar Data Recovery will start scan quickly. After a scan, choose the data you want and you can make a selective recovery with Preview. Choose the data you want and Click "Recover" to get them back .
Tips: You should save all the recovered files on another partition or device to avoid data overwriting. DO NOT save the files into the path where you lost data.
deleted file recovery software pc
we've come to the conclusion that this software is the best Deleted File Recovery App for PC which capable of recovering data from any storage, or should we say the ones we have tested. Whether it be USB flash drives, external drives, an MP3 player or memory cards, Bitwar Data Recovery will get the job done without a fuss.

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