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Best file recovery software to restore files after shift+deleted

As you manage folders in your computer you may decide to delete unnecessary files. You can put the file in the Recycle Bin by pressing "delete" directly. You can also press "Shift+delete" to permanently delete files.If you have deleted a file or folder using Shift + Delete key, You will not see this file in the Recycle Bin or any folder.Windows calls it a permanent deletion. However, in reality, the file is not deleted permanently.  This approach deletes the pointer for file/folder and marks the space available for reuse instead of removing it. Thus, If the file has not been overwritten, it will have the opportunity to be to restore files after shift+deleted?
We recommend to you a best file recovery software to restore files.its name is Bitwar Data Recovery. It can recover lost or deleted files emptied from Recycle bin, even you delete the files using SHIFT+DELETE key. and recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely. The software is designed to recover data whether you delete the files intentionally or accidentally.
So when you delete your files without storing them in the recycle bin and you want to retrieve them you should cease from using the computer. The reason for doing so is to prevent overwriting data on the location that you have deleted the files.Then use Bitwar Data Recovery to complete the recovery as soon as possible.
Without further ado let see how to restore files after shift+deleted. Ensure you have downloaded this file recovery software and installed it. launch it in your computer then follow the next simple steps to start recover video files.
Step 1,
In the main interface,you can see 6 different data recovery modules.when you want restore files which deleted by shift+delete on hard disk. Select “Deleted File Recovery”.  if files are not found under “Deleted File Recovery”,try “Deep Recovery”. The deep revcovery will deep scan to with a detailed scanning algorithm. but will not display the file names and may take longer time.
shift delete file recovery software

Select the partition where your files lost by shift+delete and click “next”.If files are not override by other data,files can be fully recoverd.
deleted file recovery software for windows
Bitwar Data Recovery supports recover all of all types of files, including photes, audios, documents and so on. You can also select the file types you want to recover to save scanning time and press “next” button to start scanning.
how to recover permanently deleted file

while scanning, if you find the needed files to be scanned, you can stop the scanning processes by pressing the Stop button. you are able to preview and recover the files you scanned. But, if you want get all lost files , you had better wait until the full scan finishes.
recovery software to recover deleted files

Step 4,
After the scan, you can select the lost files from the scan results and preview them . Bitwar Data Recovery supports previewing as many as 300 different file types. When you find the deleted files, select it and click the "Recovery" button to save it to another partition or external device.
recovery software to recover deleted files

Bitwar Data Recovery software helps users to recover files in a large amount. It is compatible on entire Windows operating system family including the newest one Windows 10 to perform retrieval of data. If you wanna be your own data rescuer, do not hesitate anymore and download this tool.
shift delete file recovery software 

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