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What's the Best Data Recovery Software?


What's the best data recovery software? How to recover deleted files with recovery software? Bitwar Data Recovery will be the best answer.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

PCs, SD Cards, USB flash drive and other digital devices we use contain all our personal and important data. We cannot bear to lose our data, Unfortunately, none of these devices is reliable. They can get damaged or might corrupt anytime, losing our important data in the process. There is no tool to 100% make sure you will never lose the data. But what should I do if I want to recover deleted files? Whether you've lost data due to system failure or carelessness, 

Bitwar Data recovery is one of the best data recovery software for getting deleted files back. Bitwar Data recovery works with hard drives, USB storage drives, memory cards, and other external storage devices, recovering all file types, even from lost partitions. No reason to panic when you have such a powerful tool in your arsenal.

How to recover deleted data with Bitwar Data Recovery?

Download and install Bitwar Data Recovery software by clicking the URL:, Then simply follow the steps as given below. Using Bitwar Data recovery, You don't have to do anything, just answer the questions the wizard asks, like recover type, area to scan and the file type of scan, etc. 

DO NOT to save and install the program to the partition on which you deleted files.

Step 1: Launch Bitwar software and select "Deleted File Recovery".

deleted files recovery

Step 2: Please selects the target location where you deleted files and click "Next." 


Select Device

Select the file types you want to recover and click on the button "Next".


Select File Type

Step 3: Now, Bitwar Data Recovery will start a scan to find deleted files, you will see all missing files that match the selection will be listed. You can preview specific recoverable files.


After the preview or file filtering, you can select the target files and press "Recover" button to get them to another Safe location in PC/Storage device.  

Preview and recover lost data

When you followed the above steps, you will find it is kind of easy to recover the lost files with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery. That is the reason why we recommend it here as the best data recovery software. 

Why not download Bitwar Data Recovery and have a try?


Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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