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How to Solve the "Location Is Not Available" in Windows 10 Error


You may encounter the "location is not available" error in Windows 10. How to fix it? If your data are lost, you can use Bitwar Data Recovery to rescue your data easily and quickly.

Users may have encountered "Location is not available.  X:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." in the process of using a computer. It means that the hard drive file system gets damaged or corrupted and becomes RAW. Later check its properties, you'll find that the hard drive shows 0 bytes available.

What is RAW?

RAW isn't a file system but an error of a partition on a hard disk or any other data storage device.
Here are the common RAW partition error causes:
        1. Reading errors or bad blocks in large numbers were found.
        2. Virus or Trojan infection.
        3. External Device's firmware corrupted.
        4. Bad file structures.
        5. Upgrade to Windows 10 may rarely cause the RAW file system.
What's worse, the partition to access your precious data is unavailable. You may receive a prompt: you need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Will you try to format it? But don't worry! What you need to do is try to perform data recovery first. And then format the disk by right-clicking the questioned drive -> Format -> Wait and click OK.
Note: Don't rush to format the disk/partition if any critical data files are still there and waiting for recovery.

Recover data first from the available location

You can recover data with a profession data recovery software, which named Bitwar Data Recovery. It is a fast, reliable, and Free Trial data recovery software with powerful functions. Bitwar Data Recovery is user-friendly and has wizard operation so that you can recover RAW or other lost data with only three steps.

Key Features of Bitwar Data Recovery

       ●You can recover files of hard disk, mobile hard disk, U disk, SD card, memory card, digital cameras, and other devices.
       ●You can recover all types of files, including photos, videos, documents, audios, archives, etc.
       ●You can recover data from formatted partition and recover lost data when the partition is lost.
       ●You can preview lost files, including common photos, Word, Excel, PDF, CAD, RAR, PSD, etc., as many as 300 different file types.

Steps to recover lost data from the location is available on Windows 10

Download Bitwar Data Recovery by clicking the download button below.  Then install it on your computer, follow the steps to recover lost data from the location on Windows 10 and get a free trial license in the software.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 1. Choose the partition/disk which shows as RAW in the type section and then click the Next button.

 location is not available windows 10

Step 2. Select the recover mode and file types you need to recover and then click Scan.

 location is not available windows 10

Step 3. After the scan, you can filter the data you need with type, path, file name, etc. to shorten the time to find your target data. And double-click to preview the thumbnails of the data. You can check the data easily and quickly with the above operation. After finding the lost data, click Recover to save them to a different partition or external device.

 location is not available windows 10

Like the above steps, you can recover any data from the disk/partition, which shows the location is not available on window 10. Not just in windows 10, the software is compatible with all Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP/7/8/10. No matter you are familiar with the computer operations or not, Bitwar Data Recovery offers an easy-to-use interface for all users include green hands. Everyone can quickly recover data from accidental deletion, formatting, the RAW partition on the hard drive, USB flash drive, SD Card, etc.

How to convert RAW to NTFS

After you recovered data from RAW partition, you can follow below tips to convert RAW to NTFS.
1. Open This PC > Find the RAW partition
2. Right-click the RAW partition and choose Format
3. Select NTFS in the file system section and then perform Quick Format.
After converted to NTFS partition, you can open the barrier in drive: X (X means drive letter, e.g., F) and then store new data on it.

How to get the free trial Bitwar Data Recovery Software?

Launch the Bitwar Data Recovery program and register an account with your email address or login directly with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and then select one of your social accounts and share the software to the public on your social media profile and you will unlock a 30-day free trial after sharing.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows download Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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