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Bitwar Data Recovery Professional - Easy Recovery Software


Easy Recovery Professional Software offers a 30-days free trial that allows users to recover fully of deleted or formatted photos, documents, video, audio, archive files from any storage devices. Keep on reading and free download Bitwar Data Recovery.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

What is Bitwar Data Recovery Professional?

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional is a data recovery software that developed with the latest recovery algorithm, which allows users to get back all the types of photos, documents, video, audio, archive files from all Windows operating systems,  such as Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS.

Its step-by-step interface is user-friendly and easy to understand for even green hands, with this Easy recovery professional software, you become a magic wizard to rescue data from PC, hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, digital storage mediums with just a few clicks on the software.

Why will we lose data? 

As far as we know, data loss always due to power off, virus attack, Trojan infection, system crash or some other improper operations, such as emptying the Recycle Bin, Use Shift+Delete key, those actions definitely caused permanent deletion.

Permanent deletion isn't the same as usual, you can still find data on the Recycle Bin, on the contrary, by formatting, using Shift+Delete key or emptying the Recycle Bin or the data loss caused by the above-mentioned scenarios, all will lead to data disappearance.

What should we do when data loss happens?

Will you wait without hope while there's no gradually backup plan is running to protect data or fight against the disaster to rescue precious data?

Seriously, most of the people feel restless, however, still give hints to ease themselves: it's all right, I can rewrite the document or re-take the photos, what if the document should be used immediately or the photos were taken years ago?

It's more precious than you imagine, that we cannot lose every single document or photo, moreover, we should fight against the disaster to rescue all of the data.

Why data can be recovered?

The data we are storing on the hard disk, is cutting into pieces by the file system, e.g. NTFS, and then storing these file segments into different zones of the hard disk, after that, the file system can generate parameters to mark up each file segment, finally, the users can read & write the data on the computer.

Therefore, the NTFS file system just deletes the parameters to free up the space of the hard disk, and mark the content of the data is available for getting back until new data write in.

If the users copying the new photos or any other new data to the storage medium, a partition where contains deleted or formatted data, the file system considers you are no longer need that data, no matter you deleted or formatted intentionally or unintentionally! The new data occupies the space that belongs to your original data!

And, if you keep going to write new data to the partition or storage medium, thus, the system generates more and more data overrides, it's too late then for retrieving back the data.

What are the correct ways to make sure the data is recoverable?

1. NOT to write, download, copy any new data to the partition where have lost files.
2. NOT to download cracked software that might be a bundle software contains full of virus, Trojan, etc.
3. NOT to install the Bitwar Data Recovery Professional Software onto the same path that contains lost files.
4. Do to use the recovery professional software as soon as you found data loss.
5. Do to save the data to a different path or external device to avoid data override.
6. Do to make a gradually backup plan to avoid disaster happens again.

Steps to recover data with Bitwar Data Recovery Professional

First, we cannot use again the Undo Delete or enter into the Recycle Bin by Selecting Recover option to retrieve the data, Windows doesn't offer any options for saving the data those disappeared from hard disk or external drive.

Secondary, you can rely on Bitwar Data Recovery Professional Software, it's read-only recovery mode keeps your data safe and to make sure the recovery rate of success. With 3 steps, you can recover data easily and quickly without any obstacles.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Step 1. Device and Scan Mode Selection

Choose the device or partition were have lost files. Then choose the exactly Scan Mode by determining the different scenarios that caused data loss. Read the descriptions of each scan mode, such as Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Formatted Recovery gives you a clear idea of what to do next.

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional - Easy Recovery Software

Step 2. Selectively file types and Data Scan.

Choose all types or check one more file types as you need, select the target file types will definitely shorten the scanning time. Hit the Scan button finally after you made the selection(s).

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional - Easy Recovery Software

Step 3. Preview and recover data

While the software is running to search all the existing files on the disk, please aware of the 3 NOT-Tos and 3 Dos as mentioned above. Then you are free to pause or stop the process while finding the lost files.

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional software offers 3 ways of previewing the file(s).

1. Double-click the file to zoom it into a large window.
2. Click the magnify button at the rightmost position of each file.
3. Turn to Preview Mode to generate the thumbnail for each file.

By previewing the file(s) as you need then decide whether to hit Recover to save the files or continue to browse the files by the tree list, which contains Path, Type, Time and located at the top-left position of the software, it's also a convenient way for you to shorten the searching time.

After finding the target file(s), save the file(s) to the path with original folder structures or save directly into one folder, which you can make the choice on your own.

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional - Easy Recovery Software


In the nutshell, Bitwar Data Recovery Professional is easy-to-use software, with even 3 steps, you can recover whatever the files you need, and it's compatible with running on all Windows OS or Mac OS, including latest Windows 10.

Moreover, it's read-only recovery mode helps users to achieve the highest recovery rate of success, and you just need to follow the above tutorials and install such easy data recovery software on your computer and start to recover data after obtaining the 30 days free trial license.

Bitwar Data Recovery Professional software it's also paid software, with the happiness on recovering successfully of the data you need, you can then make the choice on your own to purchase the annual or lifetime license from the Bitwar Online Store. You'll find the price is also affordable and cheaper than most of the rival software.

 Bitwar Online Store

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