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What's New on Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac 3.2.0?

Release Notes tell you what's new in Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can send feedbacks to support@bitwar.net

Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac 3.2.0

First offered to Release Channel users on Jan 31. 2019

Bitwar keeps on keeping on Look to this release for even more performance improvements, features that let you know more without leaving the webpage you're on, and a comprehensive data recovery experience. 

Thank you to all of the Bitwar users who contributed to this release of Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac! 



  • The device interface is updated to display physical and logical disks, and lists the sub-items.
  • Added detection to check whether the SIP has been disabled or not.


  • Fixed crash problem while previewing the video.
  • Fixed data reading issue from Physical Disk while previewing the data on Mac OS X 10.14.
  • Fixed the accumulated problems.


  • Compatible with Macos Dark Mode.

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