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How to Restore Lost or Deleted Photos from Memory Cards

Sometimes, we may accidentally delete photos from memory card, or lost photos because of various reasons. How to recover them? This article offers you the best photo recovery software to retrieve your lost or deleted photos from memory card.

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If you have used an old film camera before, you totally understand once the film exposed then the photos of your family, friends must go away forever. That's why the digital camera has been invented to change our life. We don't need to worry any more those photos will be exposed or not. 

But another problem following with digital camera which uses the SD card (or other types of the memory card) as storage. We often run into an awkward situation that the SD card suddenly corrupted, crashed or had an alert window which informs you to format first. The reasons may be we unplug the SD Card out of the digital camera while it still powers on or bad quality of the card reader or some other unknown reasons.


You may think SD card storage is the same as old film camera in that way. But does that really means once the SD Card corrupted or crashed, the photos inside the SD Card has gone away forever?


It's happy to say No, the photos from SD card, mini SD Card, MMC Card, RS-MMC, Micro SD card or Stick card can be recovered for sure with a photo recovery software, and Bitwar data recovery software could be the one to meet your requirements.

What is Bitwar Data Recovery software?

Bitwar Data Recovery software is a free trial program which can be used to restore deleted files & lost data, and it's specializing in photo recovery, accidentally deleted file recovery, partition formatted or lost recovery. With simple 3 steps to retrieve deleted photos/images, docs, videos, audios, compressed files or other useful data from hard disk, partition, Memory cards, USB drive or even for a smartphone like iPhone and Android phone. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, everyone can use it without tech skills. The read-only policy can make sure your data is 100% safe and won't destroy your original data. Preview before recovery allows us to preview the lost data whether we need or not. As a data recovery software, Bitwar always wants to provide reliable and fast software for users to recover the deleted files & Lost data.

Why the deleted photos can be recovered?

The photo(s) from SD card once deleted directly or accidentally deleted or even formatted the SD Card doesn't really mean these photos disappear permanently. The photo(s) still stay in the SD card, the system just mark the space where contains the photo(s) as a free space, once new photo or data being written into the disk, it will take over the space belongs to the last deleted photo(s), then the photo(s) gone away forever.


No matter Use Delete button and clean Recycle Bin, Shift+delete or format the SD card. The photo(s) just hide from the screen but still can be recovered except the photo(s) has already been overwritten or the photo(s) corrupted already. That's why we always suggest users try to restore the deleted photo(s) as soon as possible.

Tips before photo(s) recovery

To prevent the photo(s) gone away forever, we'll have to follow some tips to make sure the success rate of recovery.


1. Stop any operation of your computer especially do not operate the SD card /Disk /Partition which contains your deleted photo(s).

2. Launch Bitwar Data Recovery software as soon as you can and running to scan the deleted photo(s) immediately.

3. Do not save the lost photo(s) back to the source SD Card or the partition & drive which have your lost photo(s).


If you wanna know how to recover deleted photo(s) & Lost files step by step, please visit this article: Free Pen drive data recovery software to recover deleted files & Lost Data.


Anyway, we suggest you to backup photo to an external healthy hard drive. Somehow, the data loss still happens for some unexpected reasons, then you will need Bitwar Data Recovery to save the data back.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download


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