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How to Install the Mirror Tool

Recovering files on your phone requires mirroring of the phone's disk to your computer for Android Data Recovery software.

Install the Mirror Tool

Step1: Install the Mirror Tool

● When you use Bitwar for Android, you will install the Mirror Tool on your phone automatically.If not, skip step 1.
● Some models of mobile phones require users to click the "Install" button on the screen can successfully installed.

Install the Mirror Tool

Step2: Open the Mirror Tool

● Click "click to Install" button to open the mirror tool
● To open the Mirror Tool, you need root permission on the phone. Please click "Authorize"  in the root Permission request prompt.

Install the Mirror Tool

Step3: Wait for mirror tool to install successfully.

● If the Mirror Tool install failed, refer to the "Installation failed solution" below.

Install the Mirror Tool

Installation failed solution

Mirror Tool installation failed
● You can exit the other applications on your phone then try again to prevent other programs from take up the disk to cause the write to fail.

Install the Mirror Tool

● If it still fails, you can download the Mirror Tool "busybox pro" from the phone's aplication store.
● Click the "Install" button to install the Mirror Tool now.

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