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How to recover inaccessible photos from a corrupted/damaged memory card?

I took a Cannon 70D with 32GB SD card on a family trip,as you know,many of the photos inside the SD card were took during the trip.Unfortunately,when I returned home the SD card suddenly corrupted after a power failure while connecting with my PC.Now the SD Card is no longer accessible,How can I recover these photos ?
Before learning how to recover inaccessible photos from a corrupted/damaged memory card,we have to know some data loss scenarios during our daily life,
Power failure,incorrect unplug the memory card,virus attack or some other reasons will always cause data loss on a memory card.Normally we realized data loss happened by seeing error message like this:“cannot access G:\,file or directory corrupted and inaccessible”, “need to format before use”.
How to recover inaccessible photos from a corrupted/damaged memory card?
Step One,

Bitwar Data Recovery is a data recovery software can recover inaccessible photos from a corrupted/damaged memory card.
Launch Bitwar Data Recovery,the memory card drive appears in the window,we simply select this memory card(highlight position) and hit “Next”.

photo recovery - Wizard Mode 
Note:Don’t do any operation of your memory card whether system informs you to format or prompt you the memory card cannot be accessed.Simply launch Bitwar Data Recovery,select the memory card(highlight position) and Click Next.Sometimes,if your memory card’s partitions have been corrupted or lost,follow the same way as above.And select memory card instead of partitions means “Deep Scan” the memory card directly.
Step Two,
If you don’t know what kind of types you need to scan,simply check all file types and hit “Scan”.Otherwise check target option as you need.

photo recovery - Select all types 

Step Three,
We can see many of the photos appearing in the scanning result window,then we can simply select all of the photos we need then hit “Recover”.

photo recovery - Recovery 
Please make sure to recover the photos to other partition of the hard drive instead of recovering directly to memory card,restore to memory card will cause data overwrite,and your photos will be gone away forever!Please remember this!
From above three steps we think you can recover inaccessible photos from a corrupted/damaged memory card by your own,after you’ve retrieved these photos back to your computer,then you can use command prompt to repair your memory card or perform a quick format to fix your memory card.
How to run command prompt to repair corrupted / damaged memory card
Step One,
Plug your Memory Card into a USB card reader and connect with your PC.
Step Two,
Right Click the “Start” Button,select “command prompt(admin)” to launch a CMD window.

Type “CHKDSK G: /F”,if you are card letter is G:,otherwise change into F:,H: ,you can type the card letter by following the listing in “This PC”.

photo recovery - CMD CHKDSK repair 

After repair the memory card successfully with a prompt:“Windows has made corrections to the file system” ,we normally can open the memory card for sure.What if we cannot open the memory card after CHKDSK command?We can perform Quick Format to fix our memory card.
How to perform a Quick Format to fix a corrupted/damaged memory card?
Step One,
Plug your memory card into a USB card reader and connect with your PC.
Step Two
Turn to “This PC” and find your memory card partition there,right-click partition and select “Format...”.

photo recovery - format... 
Step Three,
Check “Quick Format” in “Format option”,and click “Start”,after few minutes,the memory card has been formatted,and you may open the memory card then.

photo recovery - Perform quick format 
What if I had this situation that formatted the memory card and lost the photos,then how to recover these photos by Bitwar Data Recovery,we suggest you can read this article to learn format recovery.Hit here and find more:How can I recover my favorite musics after I performed a quick format with Bitwar Data Recovery?
And if you like to download Bitwar Data Recovery,simply click here.

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