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How can I Recover My Favorite Musics after I Performed a Quick Format with Bitwar Data Recovery?

Outline of How can I recover my favorite musics after I processed a quick format with Bitwar Data Recovery?

1. The meaning of Quick Format and Full Format
2. 3 steps to recover musics from a formatted hard drive
3. 3 ways to preview the file on Bitwar Data Recovery.
4. Tips before recovery

Yesterday we got an inquiry from one of our users: How can I recovery my favorite musics after I performed a quick format? I lost all of my musics which I love very much, can you please help me to recover these musics.Thanks.Anyway there's no need to worry, we have Bitwar Data Recovery to help you to recover these musics.

What is the difference between Quick Format and Full Format?

Quick Format is just a way to make the formatting process quick, the drive will not check for bad sectors. Although after Quick Format, we can not see any of the files from this partition or drive, but the files still exist and just wait for being overwritten by some new data. In this situation, we still have the chance to recover deleted files after Quick Format.
The screenshot as below is showing how to perform a Quick Format.
2-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Formatted Partition
Full format runs a deeper step to check every bad sector of the hard drive, this process will make longer time than Quick Format.Also, a Full format completely wipes your hard drive, which means there shouldn't be any recoverable data left for a program to access.
The screenshot as below is showing how to perform a Full Format.

Full format

Warm Prompt

We therefore suggest you perform a Quick Format first because of there's still have a chance to roll back with a data recovery software if we wrongly formatted our important data. Whenever you are surely that the partition can be cleaned completely, then you can perform a full format. Normally if we would like to sell or donate our computer to others. To protect our privacy, we always perform a full format on the hard drive before selling out.

There are 3 steps to recover musics from a formatted hard drive,you can also recover other files, videos, audios, compressed files, photos in the same way by Bitwar Data Recovery.

As per the user's inquiry, we saved 11 MP3 files in F partition with a Folder named: Songs, total size:~40.0MB. We are now formatting whole F partition, after several minutes, we can see F partition is empty, every file include these 11 MP3 files Hide from our screen.

1-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery

Here goes with 4 steps for us to learn how to recover formatted musics easily and safely.

Step One,

Launch Bitwar Data Recovery, Select F partition and click NEXT. Note: we can see several partitions of the computer listing in the window, if you connect an external device with your computer, such as USB hard drive or pen drive, SD card, etc. We will also see the device listing in the same window.
3-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Select Partition

Step Two,

We provide three Scan Mode, Quick ScanDeep Scan and Formatted Recovery, there are several short description to show you the meaning of each. Here we choose Formatted Recovery and hit Next.
4-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Select Formatted Recovery

Step Three,

Check Audio option, if you wanna recover all of file types saved in your F partition, you can check Select All Types. Here in this window we can see Bitwar Data Recovery supports to recover photo, audio, document, video, compressed file and other files, there are also several most common seen file extension listing under each title.
5-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Select Audio

Step Four,

After hit Scan, Bitwar Data Recovery runs immediately to scan F partition, and you can see these 11 MP3 files appearing in the Details window.
6-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Scanning Results

Here are 3 ways for you to preview the file on Bitwar Data Recovery.

1, There's a magnify button in the right position of each file for us to click-to-preview the File.
2, Turn to PreviewTab besides the blue Details Table, every file has a large thumbnail and click-to-preview.
3, Double-Click each file in details window also support to preview.

Powerful media preview functions of Bitwar Data Recovery.

A MP3 file auto plays in a pop up window once we select this MP3 file to preview. From some rivals' software, they don't support you to preview like this way, they are always having messy code in their preview window, it's always hard for us to check the files are really what we need or not. On the contrary, here's a good news for us on Bitwar Data Recovery, we have already to support you to preview video, audio and even GIF image, all of them can be played in the preview window.
7-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Preview Music
Not only with a powerful media preview function but also a Balloon Tool-tips before to use.
These tool-tips guide you how to use the software step by step. Very helpful for us to use the software quickly and easily.
Bitwar Data Recovery Ballon Tooltips

Bitwar Data Recovery Ballon Tooltips
Let's return to the subject, after we selected all of the MP3 files and hit Recover, there's a pop-up window that informs you to save the files with original directory structure or Restore to the same directory, you can hit here to check the differences between these two options: What's the difference between Recover while maintaining the original directory structure and Restore to same directory?

8-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery- Recover
From this screenshot, we can also see the total size is 40.06MB which same as the first screenshot of file properties before formatted. That means these 11 MP3 are completely and wait for recovery.
Here we choose Recover while maintaining the original directory structure and save to D partition. Again, we recommend you to save the deleted musics to other partition or drive to prevent the data being overwritten.
9-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Select D partition
There's a pop-up message window which informs you to open the folder after you successfully recovered the MP3 files to D partition.

10-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Open Folder
Let's click OK and enter the folder to check these 11 MP3 files are completely or not.

11-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Recovery
Lucky we are, now we can enjoy ourselves to listen these favorite songs again.

12-Data Recovery-Formatted Musics Recovery-Play

Thanks for your reading, we believe that from this article, you can recover musics from a formatted hard drive by yourself now.And all of us agree that these formatted musics can be recovered by Bitwar Data Recovery, anyway,  there's still a tip for you to follow:

Please do not even try to copy, write or download again some new musics or other data to the formatted hard drive/partition to prevent the formatted musics being overwritten and gone away forever. Launch Bitwar Data Recovery soonest as you can and follow this article to retrieve your favorite musics back.

You may like to download Bitwar Data Recovery now,simply hit here:

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