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Is It Safe to Use Data Recovery Software?

Before answering the question: Is it safe to use data recovery software, let's take a look at Google search, there are more than 1,700,000 results indicated the users are quite concerned about this question.
Bitwar data recovery google search of safe to use
To be honest, before to recover lost data, most of us always run into this question: Is it safe to use a data recovery to recover my files, what if the software will scan other of my partition?. The only reason we quite confused about a data recovery software is that we don't quite trust something we don't familiar with. Both of us do not know how the software is working to recover lost data and following in which principle to secure our privacy.
Today let's go and see step by step to check how Bitwar Data Recovery software is going to secure our user's data and privacy.

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Step One

Launch the Bitwar Data Recovery software and select one partition of our disk. For example D partition.
Bitwar data recovery safe to use

Step Two

Use Quick Scan Mode and hit Next button, in Select All Types Windows, we tick all types and Click Scan.
Bitwar data recovery safe to use

Bitwar data recovery safe to use

Step Three

After the scan process finished, you will have all scanning results in details window, which we can filter the results by three conditions: Type,Path,Time. Here we can see from Path tab, the results only detected the D partition which we selected from Step One. 
Bitwar data recovery safe to use

Why the files can be still recovered?

The NTFS file system(mostly used file system among the world) structure of hard disk which contains Boot Zone, MFT zone, Data Zone, etc. And then a file being stored in D partition, it will be broke up separately to store into MFT Zone, Data Zone, etc. The NTFS file system therefore needs to locate a file, it needs to read the information from MFT zone to get the file name, file position, file attribute, file size, create, modified and visit date and time. And then get the file data with the information from MFT to locate the DATA position in DATA zone.

Hence, when you deleted a file, the file system only set the area belongs to this file as a free space in DATA Zone with a mark can be overwritten. In the mean time, the file name, attribute, size, time of this file may still exist there in MFT zone.
Here we also have an award from Softpedia to enhance your confidence while using Bitwar Data Recovery software which linked here:Congratulations:Bitwar Data Recovery Software won a 100% CLEAN Award which granted by Softpedia.
You can visit here to get further information about Bitwar data Recovery with100% CLEAN award which proves the software is surely has no backdoors,viruses or Trojans and 100% safe to use.

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