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Bitwar Data Recovery with Thumbnail Preview Function and Supported File Types

We've known that Bitwar Data Recovery is a free trial software for us to recover deleted files & lost data, but many of us may still have some questions need to be solved: How can you make sure the lost data could be exactly what I need or how can I check the deleted files whether I need or not?
The frequently asked questions as above can be answered easily by Bitwar Data Recovery thumbnail preview function. Let's take a look at step by step. 

Step one

Launch the Bitwar Data Recovery and scan the disk or partition that contains our lost data or deleted files. 

Step Two

There are three ways for you to check the recovery data with preview:
1. After the software finished the scan, the data displays clearly in Details windows by default. It pops up with a preview window that shows how exactly the data looks like once we double-click the data we selected.

Double click the file to preview -Bitwar Data Recovery

2. Click the Magnify button to preview the data.

Magnify the file to preview - Bitwar Data Recovery 

3. Turn to Thumbnail preview window by clicking the Preview Tab that besides the Details. The thumbnail could be magnified the same after double-clicks.

Preview-tab to preview -Bitwar Data Recovery  

How many file types do you support to preview before data recovery?

Here's a list to show how many of the file types we support to preview:

File types File with suffix
Docs doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pptx
Archive/Compressed file cab,7z,rar,zip,xpi,notebook,mmap,pages,jar,ora,sxc,tgz,tar.gz,gz,
Text cpp,h,m,c,d,cxx,hxx,cs,csv,java,xml,php,aspx,txt,css,js,jsm,json,
reg,url,wer,iss,kix,nsi,iss,nsh,lsp,lua,md,log,vb,config,lisp etc.
Graphic jpg,png,gif,bmp,psd,ico,cr2,dcr,crw,raf,mos,kdc,nef,orf,pef,sr2,
Media avi,mov,mp4,wmv,rm,mkv,3gp,swf,mpg,rmvb,m2ts,webm,m4v,flv,
Others Exe,iso

Generally, we will keep insisting on adding more formats that allow users to preview.

If you happened to have the files deleted accidentally, you can preview them easily with our Bitwar Data Recovery thumbnail preview function. Although some of the file types we do not support to preview, there's still no need to worry, Bitwar Data Recovery is free for trial, you can still recover the files those couldn't be previewed to the external disk or partition didn't have your deleted files or lost data. 

Don't mistake supported file types with file types support to preview.

It's very much different between supported files types and file types support to preview.
The former one is to describe how many file types can be recognized by the software before to scan and recover. And We have to say, Bitwar Data Recovery software supports all file types based on windows platform, no matter windows XP/VISTA/2000/7/8/10, all of the file types could be recovered by our software. Otherwise, file types support to preview is another software quality index to check the software is powerful or not. Many of the software claims that they do support 200+, 300+, 500+ files type to be recovered, the truth is all of the files could be recoverable, which I have explained previously, but none of them will show you how many of the file types could be previewed before recovery. For the reasons of fewer files support to preview or some other technical problems, it always lacks consciously by the vendors from whom do not want to exposure.
Hence, if you are seeking a best recovery data recovery software and still confused which one is really you need, try to consider this thumbnail preview function and with hundreds of file, types can be supported to preview as one of your target software advantages before purchase. Trust me, Preview function is so much important before recovery that can enhance your confidence to estimate how healthy or not is your lost data. 

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