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Best Windows 8 Data Recovery Software - Bitwar Data Recovery


Today let's show you the best windows 8 data recovery software to restore deleted files & lost data from computer. Although we are having many situation that deleted files accidentally or the windows 8 operating system was affected by virus or partition formatted & corrupted.
Many of us may look around of the Internet and try to find out a best windows 8 data recovery software, but I have to say, there're so many similar software for us. How can I choose the exact one to recover lost data?

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Why Bitwar Data Recovery software if our best choice to recover lost data for windows 8

Reason one:

Bitwar Data Recovery is a free trial software that help us to recover deleted docs, files, photos, videos, audios, archives, and other useful data from PC hard drive or partition, memory card, pen drive, USB or stick drive, digital camera or camcorder, iPhone or Android phone. etc. With simple 3 steps to restore lost data easily and completely for windows 8. Let’s see the featured functions as below:

Featured Functions of Bitwar Data Recovery software.

1. Read only recovery: It means the software will scan the disk without fix or modify the original data, just read and show the original status of files for us.
2. Preview before recovery: It's an important function of the software which allows to check the results whether are in good condition.
3. Standard & Wizard mode: Bitwar Data Software has two kinds of interface for us before recovery. In Standard mode, we could select the partition or drive which contains our lost data. In Wizard Mode, we can see there are some functions that we usually need,such as Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Hard Drive Recovery, USB/Memory Card Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Deep Recovery.
4. Quick & Deep & Formatted Scan Mode: Normally Quick Scan is enough for recovery, you can even see the original file name. Also it contains Type, Path, Time three filter conditions for you to short the time. But If you cannot find the data exactly what you need, try Deep Mode next. Deep mode only has one filter condition that is Filter by Type, and the file names will have a prefix like:  File XXXXXX.
5. Functional Search & Filter: With functional search & Filter, it must short your time to find the right data you need before recovery. In the right-top of the software window, you can input the file name in this area to filter the files you need. And In Left-top of the software window, it has three filter conditions which display from let to right: Type, Path, Time (Only in Quick Scan Mode).
Types: Images/Photos, Audios, Documents, Videos, Compressed Files, other 
Path: List of detailed path from the partition or drive you selected.
Time: File created time.
6. Free to pause or stop the scan process: If you have a large size of the hard disk, the scan process will take a hour or more to scan your disk, if you have already seen the exact files or data showing in the window, then you can click to pause or stop the scan process to start your recovery as soon as you can. There's no need to wait the software to scan the whole partition or drive.
7. Allow export & import the scan results for later use.

Reason Two:

Bitwar Data Recovery support to recover lost data from most common data loss scenarios during our daily life:

1. Hard drive partition or drive has been formatted or lost accidentally.
2. Files have been deleted accidentally.
3. File system suddenly corrupted by virus or worm.
4. USB drive/Pen drive/Stick drive unplug without safe unload, then it goes corrupted with a information: The USB disk need to be formatted before recovery.
5. Unrecognized file system like Raw partition.
6. Power failure or unexpected system shutdown or application failure.
7. Some other common scenarios of data loss.
So, whenever you will have the situation of data loss showing as above, just relax and download the Bitwar Data Recovery from our website and launch to recover.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download
In the end, If you read carefully and thoroughly of this article, you may come to have a conclusion that's why Bitwar Data Recovery software if your best choice. We are having a free trial version for you to download and also annual & lifetime membership for you to choose. Data Loss is quite normal and we cannot imagine that when we will have our data lost from computers. As we got a data sheet ,there're almost 40-45% people around the world deleted the files accidentally everyday. Anyway, we hope you can find the best windows 8 data recovery software here to save your data back.

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