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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data From SSD Drive by Bitwar Data Recovery


Nowadays, more and more computer users choose SSD for storage purposes. SSD is shorted for Solid-State drive which has faster access time than a mechanic hard disk. But data loss also happens on SSD drive, such as partition formatted or lost, files accidental deletion or infected by the virus once you connect the SSD to a computer or improper operation. So, how to restore lost data from SSD becomes a very much common question among the users. Bitwar Data Recovery comes handy to recover lost or deleted data From SSD Drive.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

Which is the best SSD data recovery software to rescue lost data?

There are many kinds of data rescue service can save your lost data back. Unfortunately, you have to delivery the SSD to them to fix and the price is always too high to accept. Most important is, once we lost the data, we'll have to get it back ASAP. So, the software can retrieve the data from SSD which deserves the best choice for us. And I have to say Bitwar Data Recovery or Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac is recommended.

Recover data from SSD

How To recover deleted or lost files from SSD?

Step 1.  Connect the SSD which contains your lost data, launch Bitwar Data Recovery, Select the Dish and click Next.

Recover data from SSD

Step 2. Choose a scan mode before recovery and then click Next, we recommend you to choose quick mode first and if the files cannot be found, change to deep mode then.

Recover data from SSD

Step 3. Select the file types to let the software to recognize the specific files you need and list in results clearly with the types you chose. Click Next after you selected the file types.

Recover data from SSD

Step 4. The software will scan the hard disk. After scanning, you can double-click the files or click Recover data from SSDto preview the data.

Recover data from SSD

Recover data from SSD

Step 5. Select the files you need and click Recover.

Recover data from SSD

Tips before you are using Bitwar Data Recovery software.

1. When you happened to have files being deleted, we suggest you stop using the computer immediately to avoid the lost data being overwritten.
2. Launch the software and click start to scan the lost data ASAP.
3. Don't recover data to the place which contains your lost data.

IMPORTANT: If your SSD has TRIM function, we are sorry that Bitwar Data Recovery cannot be used to recover your lost data.


By following this post, you can easily recover the lost or deleted files from SSD drive. With its user-friendly wizard and powerful functions, Bitwar Data Recovery has become more and more popular for data recovery. Thus, if you are troubled by data loss problems or need to get back deleted files, try Bitwar Data Recovery, which will not let you down.

Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows downloadBitwar Data Recovery for Mac download

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