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The Mirror Tool

Re mirror your Android disk in the following situations:

1. Different Android devices access to your phone
If the mirror saved on your computer is not the currently connected device ,you need to re mirror the device.
2. mirror is incomplete
The mirror was not completed at last because of an exception operation  (for example, the mirroring operation was interrupted, the connection between the mobile and the computer was disconnected, the software was shut down during the mirroring process, etc.).

(PS: you should not re-mirror in this case, click the "Cancel" button to try to scan  the currently mirrored files.)
3.Mirror is invalid
If the files you want recover is created after the last mirror, the device needs to be re mirrored.

(PS: If you do not want to re-mirror, select "OK" button to start scanning the device mirror)
The Mirror Tool

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