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How to recover the lost partition files?

Common hard disk partition loss reason:

1.People mistakenly delete partition.

2.Install multi system boot software or use third party partitioning tools.

3.Virus destruction.

4.Clone partition / hard drive destruction using Ghost.


Install the Bitwar Data Recovery Software, select the hard disk partition loss function (the following is the standard mode of the functional interface map, the software below the "yellow font" can switch mode)

Step 2:

If the software has found the missing partition, click on the corresponding partition recovery.

If the missing partition in the list is not a partition to be restored, you can click on the depth search to scan the missing partition in the hard disk.

Step 3:

Click on the depth of the search will pop up after the loss of the depth of the dialog box, select the partition of the hard disk, and then click next.

Step 4:

Start scan.

Step 5:

The scan to the partition will be immediately displayed in the list below, you can directly stop the depth scan, select the partition scan file.

Step 6:

Select the type of file you want to find after scanning the file.

Step 7:

Then you can start scanning the files in the previous partition.

After scanning, the corresponding file can be recovered.