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How to recover the hard disk data after formatted?

Hard disk format recovery file:

1, be sure not to write new things in the hard disk, or the data will be more than the hard disk coverage, resulting in file recovery does not come back.

2, choose reliable data recovery software, universal data recovery master, support a variety of file preview, preview and then restore, restore class 100%.


Install Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

Note: be sure not to install software to install or download in the need to restore the hard disk, the software is installed on the C drive by default, so if you want to restore the C drive, the software installed in the C drive do not.

Step 2:

Install and run software. The standard mode selects the "wrong format disk drive" option, and the wizard mode directly selects the disk to restore.

(standard mode)

(Wizard mode)

Step 3:

Select the disk, select the "wrong format scan" function, scan formatted disk.

Select the data type of the hard disk to retrieve

Step 4:

Double click the preview file to check the contents of the file to be restored. Hard disk formatted data recovery, completed!