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Why does my computer freeze up and how to fix it?


Why does my computer freeze up? In fact, every day, a lot of users are complaining about computer keeps freezing. It's frustrating. Fortunately, this article will provide you with effective solutions to fix the issue.
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Reasons and solutions for "Why Computer Keeps Freezing"

If you encounter your computer freezes issue, you had better identify the actual cause, helping resolve the problem quickly. The most common reasons are as follows:
1. Free up disk space on system drive - As we know, if your system drive is running out of space, your Windows will keep freezing. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough free disk space on C drive. If not, you can try deleting some unwanted data or programs on your C drive.
2. Multiple programs are running at the same time - If multiple programs are running at the same time, your computer will start to freeze. To solve this problem is simple, you only need to right-click Task Manager, choose Task Manager, click the Processes, find the program that is frozen and click End Task.
3. Driver Corruption or Errors - Drivers are used to communicate with other hardware devices and the operating system. You should make sure that your drives are always updated.
4. Overheating - Excess heat can cause computer freezes. To avoid this, please make sure that your computer's vents are not blocked.
5. Insufficient RAM - If your computer always freeze up, the reason could be an insufficient RAM. You can consider upgrading your RAM or reinstalling operating system to solve this issue.
6. Memory problem - As we know, a memory problem may cause Windows 10 keeps freezing. If you suspect your computer has memory problems, you can run the Windows Memory Diagnostics utility by completing the following steps:
Press Windows and R keys, type mdsched.exe in the run box and hit Enter. Then Click Restart now and check for problems (recommended) to check for problems immediately. restart the windows, and you will get the following window showing the progress of the check and the number of passes it will run on memory. It might take several minutes for the tool to finish checking your computer's memory.
7. BIOS Settings - Modifying BIOS settings may put the system in the freeze mode. Resetting the BIOS to default could fix your freezing problem.
8. Faulty External Devices - Faulty USB or other external devices including the mouse and keyboard connected to the system can cause computer freezes. You can try connecting one device at a time to try and find which of your devices cause the issue. And, try updating the USB drivers to fix this problem.
9. Computer Viruses -Sometimes, when your computer keeps freezing and not responding, you need to think about computer viruses. It is recommended to perform an antivirus check regularly.
10. The system files are corrupted or missing - the system files are corrupted or missing may cause the computer keeps freezing, to solve this problem, you should try restoring your operating system.
11. Third-party Software Errors - Some applications may take up a lot of memory and attempt to perform actions or access resources that Windows cannot understand. If your computer isn't able to handle them, it can freeze up. To fix this, you should update the third-party software that is installed on your computer.
Warning: Sometimes, with wrong operations will result in hard drive formatted and inaccessible data, the worst will caused data lost from your hard drive. And restoring the system will delete some data on your PC. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to back up your data in advance. If you lost them, I recommend that you recover lost data in a timely manner.
Bitwar Data Recovery can help you get lost data back when you fixed your computer keeps freezing and not responding issue.

Steps to recover lost data with Bitwar Data Recovery

Free download and install Bitwar Data Recovery Software in your computer by clicking the download button below. Please remember don't save any data to the partition which data lost.

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Step 1: Launch Bitwar Data Recovery and select your partition or device where the data lost from, then click "Next". If you want to recover data from external storage device, you'd better connect it to your computer and then select it on this step.
Step 2. Select the "Quick Scan" mode and then hit "Next". If files are not found after quick scan, you can try "Deep Scan". The deep scan can find all the files with a detailed scanning algorithm, but will not display the file names and may take longer time.
Step 3. Choose the exact file types and then click on "Scan" to start scan the eligible data.

Step 4. After a scan, you can make a selection with preview before recovery. After determined choose them and click "Recover" button to save them to other partition or external devices.
Note: DO NOT save the files into the original partition to avoid data overwriting.
I hope that these fixes resolve your Windows freezing problem. If data lost, feel no hesitated to download Bitwar Data Recovery software to help you.

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