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How to Retrieve Data From Hard Drive


How to Retrieve Data From Hard Drive? We know that data loss is a very common issue, as almost everyone faces the problem at some point in their lives. It seems that data loss is unavoidable even though you've taken proper precautions to protect data. Files stored on the hard drive may get deleted or formatted, and the storage device may get broken. Moreover, only a few users are careful enough to back up files in time. Thus most of us will have to face data loss issue and learn how to Retrieve Data From Hard Drive.

Main causes of Hard Drive Data Loss

The following part explains the common causes of data loss:
    - Accidental deletion
     - Disk or partition formatting
     - Hard drive logical errors
     - Virus and malware infections
     - Mechanical failure of hard disk
     - Other causes of hard drive data loss

What to do when you Experience Hard Drive Data Loss

Below are some recommended strategies you should know when you experience hard drive data loss problem.
1. Do not save any new data or install applications to the hard drive where you want to retrieve data, as those actions are likely to overwrite lost files.
2. If lost files were stored on system partition such as desktop, you should shut down the computer, unplug the hard drive and connect it to another PC. Try to reboot from the hard disk of another PC (not this hard disk) if you want to perform data recovery.
3. If the disk failure is caused by corrupt files system, never format the disk even though Windows prompts to format. Apart from that, do not try disk check either. Both formatting and CHKDSK may lead to unsatisfied recovery result.
4. Do not try to repair bad sectors by using disk check or bad sector repair software on a failed hard disk. Repairing bad sectors will cause permanent data loss.
5. Never open the disk case by yourself. The professional data recovery center is able to recover data from broken disk by opening it and reading data from platters. But this should be done by professionals in a dust-free environment. If you open it by yourself, data on the disk will be destroyed permanently.
6. If you want to recover data from hard drive on the Normal partitions of hard disk, you should choose a proper recovery program which should be reliable, easy-to-use and efficient. If you are green hand to hard drive data recovery, please use Bitwar Data Recovery and read the following user guide.

Best Data Recovery Software

Bitwar Data Recovery is the best data recovery software because it is compatible with any devices such as digital camera, hard drives, SD cards, Memory cards, media players, etc. You can easily recover deleted, formatted or lost hard disk files, including recover pictures, audios, videos, documents, compress files, and other files. 

Steps to Retrieve Data From Hard Drive

When you want to retrieve lost Data, please stop using the partition of the hard disk first.
If lost files were stored on system partition such as desktop, you should shut down the computer, unplug the hard drive and connect it to another PC.
Try to reboot from the hard disk of another PC and Retrieve Data; If lost files were stored on a normal partition of hard disk, please stop using the partition and try to retrieve Data.
Free download Bitwar Data Recovery on the official website: and install it on your computer on other partitions that do not need to retrieve data. 

Step 1: Launch Bitwar Data Recovery

When the installation is complete, start Bitwar Data Recovery. you can select the partitions where your data lost and click "Next."

Select Device

Step 2: Choose a Partition

Select the scan mode based on data lost and click "Next."

  • Select "Quick Scan" if you deleted data by shift+delete on the partition you selected or emptied from recycle bin. If files are not overridden by other data, files can be fully recovered.

  • If the partition were formatted and the size of this partition will not be changed after the formatting, try "Formatted Recovery."

  • If files are not found under quick scan, try Deep Scan. The deep scan can find all the files with a detailed scanning algorithm but will not display the file names and may take longer time.

Select Scan Mode

Step 3: Select the file types

Select the file type you want and click on the button "Next" to start scanning. We can recover all types of files with Bitwar data recovery software, including photos, audios, documents and so on.

Select File Type

Step 4: Retrieve Data from Hard Drive

While scanning, you can stop the scanning processes by pressing the stop or pause button to preview the found files.
After the scan, you can select all found files from the scan results and preview them separately.
Bitwar Data Recovery supports previewing as many as 300 different file types. When you find the lost data, you should select them and click "Recover" button. Then, a window will pop up to ask you select a path and location to save recovered data.
Don't directly store needed data in the original partition where data loss or the deleted data will be overwritten, causing permanently data damage or data loss. After you save them, you can retrieve the lost file under the new path of the new partition.
Moreover, we can export all scanning results to a specified place after scanning in Bitwar Data Recovery, which makes it possible to load previous results without rescanning. BUT, please do not export results to the location where data loss appears, because it may overwrite lost data.

Preview and recover lost data


Hard drive data recovery is possible as long as the hard drive has no physically damaged or lost files haven't been overwritten and users can recover data from hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, virtual hard disk, etc. with the help of Bitwar Data Recovery.

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